Animal Jewels

Sembla que últimament s’ha posat de moda portar anells i joies en forma d’animals, però no només conillets i gatets, sinó que animals salvatges i estranys. He fet una petita sel·lecció dels que mi m’han agradat més (a més jo en tinc dos d’aquesta llista i m’encanten!). Bon safari!

Lately it’s fashion to wear rings and jewellery with animal shapes, not just rabbits and kittens, also wild and weird animals. I made a small selection of some I like most ( I have two rings from this list and love them!). Have a good safari!


Yoshiko Parise

Tithi Kutchamuch


Brooke Stone Jewelry


Sea of Bees

Elizabeth Khoury Designs

Mike and Mary

The Golden Plague

Haoshi Designs

Daphna Simon



Bimba y Lola

Pocket and Spark

Rachel Pfeffer Designs



Harriet Glen

Michelle Chang

2 respostes a “Animal Jewels

  1. I am the PR representative for the brand Creart2 which you have used in a several times on your website. We really appreciate the fact that you speak of your jewelry in such a positive note. We would also like to promote your website. If you could send us a pdf form of the posts you have put up on your website we would like to place them in our press kit which we take to international fairs and show all our potential clients. I feel this could be a nice collaboration and it could be a win-win situation for both of us. Please let me know if you agree and if you could send us the pdf forms as soon as possible that way we can have them in our press kit for the next jewelry fair we will participate in, in Paris at the end of the month.

    Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best regards,

    Chloe Gonon


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