Lena Yastreb

La Lena és una dissenyadora de Kiev (Ucraïna) que fa unes joies molt boniques, jo m’he enamorat de les agulles pels cabells, les he trobat molt originals!

Lena is a Kiev (Ucraine) based designer that makes really beautiful jewels, I felt in love with the rabbit hairpins, really lovely!



Yaci és la unió de tres artistes, dos dissenyadors de joies i una dissenyadora de complements. La col.lecció de Kopo (Taiwan) és la que he trobat més divertida. Inspirada en animals i feta tota a mà la fa completament única. Yaci is the union of three artists, two jewelry designers and one complements designer. The […]

Culoyon Jewellery






Darrere el nom de Culoyon hi ha la Yoshiko, una dissenyadora afincada a França amb una sensibilitat especial per transformar en joies animals com gats i conillets o ales de papallona. Preciós!

Behind the name of Culoyon is Yoshiko, a designer who lives in France and with a special sense to make jewels with cats or rabbits shapes, and also with butterflies wings. Beautiful!


Darrere del nom Twinklebird hi ha la dissenyadora holandesa Christine de Boer, que treballa les formes d’una manera molt dolça per fer aquestes joies precioses. M’encanta!

Behind the name Twinklebird there is the Netherlands designer Christine de Boer. She works with simple shapes of animals and objects in a very sweet way and makes these lovely jewels. Love it!

“I adore simplicity and the beauty of small things. The jewelry and tiny sculptures of my design, are sweet, subtle and ageless. Small things intrigue me, and nature is full of it. A branch, a bird, a beautiful berry… all full of their own special details. You only have to look and start creating your own story about all the things you see. Twinklebird symbolizes the feeling I would like to give along; a sweet, but also special little bird, hopping around in nature, searching for beautiful things, nice thoughts and special details. A Twinklebird-jewel attracts attention, generates curiosity and is quite elegant. Goldsmithing and sculpturing are combined in several jewelry I make. Some of them are real ‘microsculptures’. It’s sculpturing in wax to the smallest inch, before it’s casted in solid silver or gold. It’s a tiny piece of art, to carry along, to cherish…”

Animal Jewels

Sembla que últimament s’ha posat de moda portar anells i joies en forma d’animals, però no només conillets i gatets, sinó que animals salvatges i estranys. He fet una petita sel·lecció dels que mi m’han agradat més (a més jo en tinc dos d’aquesta llista i m’encanten!). Bon safari!

Lately it’s fashion to wear rings and jewellery with animal shapes, not just rabbits and kittens, also wild and weird animals. I made a small selection of some I like most ( I have two rings from this list and love them!). Have a good safari!


Yoshiko Parise

Tithi Kutchamuch


Brooke Stone Jewelry


Sea of Bees

Elizabeth Khoury Designs

Mike and Mary

The Golden Plague

Haoshi Designs

Daphna Simon



Bimba y Lola

Pocket and Spark

Rachel Pfeffer Designs



Harriet Glen

Michelle Chang

Rabbit by Le Chou Chou

limited edition Pasqua 2011

A Pasqua, aiuta il coniglio a saltar fuori dalla sua gabbia e portalo lontano con te!

Packaging limited edition pasquale: conigliera in legno laccata a mano con chiusura a calamita.

Anello con base regolabile in silver plated.
Applicazione in ceramica e materiale sintetico.
Coniglio bianco o pezzato marrone.
Dimensioni: l cm 4 x h applicazione cm 2.5.

INFO: info@lechouchou.it

*** *** *** *** ***

Ring with adjustable silver plated base.
Ceramic and synthetic moss.

INFO: info@lechouchou.it

©2011 Le Chou Chou bijoux™ – All rights reserved
Published under Creative Commons Licence

Carolyn Morris Bach

La Carolyn Morris Bach viu a Southern Rhode Island, rodejada de naturalesa i animals. Això l’inspira a fer aquestes fantàstiques joies, combinacions amb pedres que construeixen nius d’ocells, conills, i tota mena de móns fantàstics. M’encanta!

Carolyn Morris Bach lives in the Southern Rhode Island, surrounded by nature and animals. These sorroundings inspire her to make these wonderful jewels, gemstones combinations building nests of birds, rabbits and fantastic worlds. I love it!

Via Roux-Bijoux.