RedSofa by Joanna Szkiela






“Although a city girl, I am incessantly drawn to nature, both mother and human. This duality is a constant source of inspiration as I attempt to find a balance between the raw, organic and the synthetic, man made. A self-trained jeweler, I love to combine the precious with the mundane, and to create unusual associations between forms. The resulting exploration process is endless and yet deeply satisfying. Each collection piece has a story behind it, just as each custom piece has your story behind it.”

Unes peces brutals, no us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

An amazing jewels, don’t miss her online store!

The Angry Weather

La Iveth Morales és la dissenyadora darrere The Angry Weather, un punt de venta de les seves creacions inspirades en la natura, l’univers, els records d’infància, la seva familia i en ilustracions i fotografia. M’agrada!

Iveth Morales is the designer behind The Angry Weather, a where you can buy her creations inspired in nature: mountains, forests, deserts, the weather, the universe; also in home objects, the idea of a refuge for the mind and body, childhood memories, her husband and daughter, illustration and photography. I like it!