Kazhiko Ichikawa – Kaz

Aquí teniu la segona entrevista de 18kt, un artista que fa poc temps que conec la seva feina pero trobo que és un artista increïble. M’agrada!

Here is the second 18kt interview, I knew this artist recently and I find his works amazing. I love it!

Tell us about yourself.
I graduated Kyoto Institute of Technology in 1979. I majored industrial design. After the graduation, I was working for a stationery company as a product designer and a planner for more than 20 years. Around in 1999, I was fascinated with antique jewelry. In 2002 I quit the company and entered to Tokyo Jewelry Craft School. In 2004 I graduated there and started my career as a jewelry artist.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My designs are inspired by European antique jewelry and Japanese traditional metal works.
Not only them, but also I’m inspired by works of other art like architecture, furniture, interior design, product design, etc etc inspire me a lot.
And of course the nature is a great teacher.

Apart from creating jewels, how do you spend your time?
I watch American TV dramas a lot. I’m really into “The Good Wife”. It’s a legal drama, very exciting and interesting. And “Castle” and “The White Collar” are my favorites, too.

What jewel do you most cherish?
When I started building up an antique jewelry collection, I met an incredible work of cannetille of early 19th century.  It is a brooch made of tortoiseshell and cannetille on it. I love this piece very much. I framed it and put it on the wall of my bedroom so that I can see it everyday.

Name some books, movies or music you specially love.
Perfume: the story of a murderer”.  The title of this book sounds like a mystery but actually it’s a story of a genius artist and his work, perfume. A movie based on this book was on road. And DVD is on sale now. I have read this book and watched DVD many times. And everytime I read or watch it, I think about the reason why an artist creates art works and ask myself the same question.

Who is your ideal customer?
Everyone who understands the value of art, and regards jewelry as an art, not a combination of metal and stones.

How do you promote your work? What is the role of social networks and the Internet?
Now I am enthusiastic to promote my works in facebook and Etsy. Because I want to show them to the people in the world as widely as I can. A few years ago If I had wanted to sell my works in foreign countries, I would have had to attend an international shows to find a whole sellers or retailers. And then I would have had to hold a trunk show in a shop or a gallery to meet real end users. It takes long time and expensive cost. But today I can sell my works to the end users directly on Etsy! The cost for it is very reasonable. Why don’t you do it?

Name three jewelers you would like to see interviewed here.
Sophia Georgiopoulou
Jim Dunakin
Scott Schreiber
They are all good jewelry artists.

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