Diseñar joyas. De la idea al producto by R2 Studio


Des de l’estudi R2 ens informen que el dia 14 d’Abril faran el workshop “Diseñar joyas. De la idea al producto”. Em sembla una idea molt interessant, no us el perdeu ni tampoc la resta de workshops que tenen preparats.

From R2 Studio we received information about their workshop on 14th April called “Diseñar joyas. De la idea al producto”. It’s an interesting workshop and also don’t miss the other ones they have at their website.

Pas de deux

Lin Cheung & Laura Potter
museumaker 2010

Jewellers Lin Cheung & Laura Potter have been working on a collaborative commission: Pas de deux.

The project is part of museumaker, a national partnership between makers, museums and visitors involving 16 museums across the country. Work in progress for their project at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) will go on show next week. The overall project will finish in March 2011 with a main show at mima, plus installations at two other local museums.

They are making pieces for two local residents, based on a series of interviews and object-centred discussions. These pieces will be made twice, with one being given to the commissioner and one going to the jewellery collection at mima. Take a look at the commission process so far by visiting;

Blog: http://pasdedeux-cheung-potter.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pas-de-deux/


Aquestes són algunes de les peces fetes per Spreeglanz, un nom que engloba la unió de 4 artistes que treballen, conviuen i experimenten compartint el mateix espai a Berlín. M’encanten les seves peces!

These are some pieces made by Spreeglanz, behind this name is the union of four artists who work, live and experience sharing the same workshop in Berlin. I love their pieces!

“Spreeglanz is not a beginning. Spreeglanz is a concept. Spreeglanz is an idea, that became a vision. Spreeglanz is new every day, different every day. Spreeglanz is a thousand little stories that, surprisingly, all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Spreeglanz is excitement. Let it begin…”