notAjewelry by Petra Podnarcuk

La Petra és una dissenyadora gràfica de Croàcia, que recentment ha descobert en el món de la joiera un altra manera d’expressió artística. Molt influenciada pel grafisme les seves joies són molt visuals i de formes molt reveladores.

Petra is a Croatia based graphic designer, she discovered recently the jewelry as another way of artistic expression. Very influenced by graphic her jewelry is very visual and with interesting shapes.

“As graphic and jewelry designer I explore copper, brass and silver, playing also with wool and wood. I am always trying to give my creations names inspired with their final form, thus giving them a personal touch. This is why every piece has its own story. Have fun exploring the box of my little wonders!”


La Umber és una artista de Seattle que treballa les joies com si fosssin petits quadres, amb històries i missatges per explicar. M’agrada com combina els elements visuals amb les pedres naturals, preciós!

Umber is a Seattle based artist that works jewels like small paintings, with stories and messages to tell. I love the way she combines these visual elements with natural stones, beautiful!

“I fell in love with the idea of jewelry as small scale art pieces that individual people choose to place on their bodies.  There is nothing more intimate than that contact on skin.  When one chooses to adorn their self with a piece of jewelry, that jewelry can become a symbol, a reminder, a message – be it private or public.  It can be a keeper of experience, the medium through which we layer on strength, history, joy and beauty.”