Datter Industries by Kaye Blegvad






La Kaye és una dissenyadora i il.lustradora londinenca que fa unes peces molt visuals i divertides, des de calaveres, gatets o mans en trobareu per tots els gustos. M’agrada!

Kaye is a London based designer and ilustrator that makes really visual and funny jewels, you can find skulls, cats, hands, any for every taste. I like them!

“My illustration background means I tend to make pieces with a drawing-based process and a story behind them. I like things dark but elegant, and my jewellery covers some of the same themes I explore in my illustration work: ritual, the occult, war, weaponry, animals, talismans. I like things to show signs of being handmade: nothing too clean or too perfect.”

Goodman Morris

M’encanten les joies d’aquesta gent de Brighton, de formes simples però realitzades amb una gran tècnica. No us perdeu la resta de col·leccions a la seva web!

I love pieces of these Brighton jewellers, with simple shapes but made with a great technique. You can’t miss the rest of their collections at their website!