Farrah Al-Dujaili

Recentment he descobert l’obra de Farrah Al-Dujaili, una joiera d’Anglaterra que treballa les seves peces com si fossin dibuixos amb línies i volumetries. Preciós! I recently discovered the works of the English based designer Farrah Al-Dujaili, she works her pieces like drawings with lines and volumetric shapes. So beautiful! “My design methodology revolves around the […]

Jasmin Blanc






L’Erika viu i treballa a Londres, tot i que és de Transilvània. Va aprendre l’ofici de ceramista del seu pare i actualment es dedica a fer aquestes boniques joies amb ceràmica.

Erika lives and works at London, but she raised in Transylvania. She have been inspired from her father, who is a professional ceramist, and she makes this amazing jewelry pieces.


Vaig descobrir aquests joiers ahir per casualitat i m’encanta els seu estil i les seves joies. Ei nois, no us perdeu les seva col·lecció d’home, té uns anells guapíssims!

Yesterday I discovered these jewelers and I love their style and jewels. And boys, don’t miss their man collection, there are amazing rings!


Littlefly by Jeremy May

T’agraden els llibres? La literatura? Antiga, moderna…per Jeremy May és el mitjà a través del qual fa aquestes fantàstiques joies. Tria un llibre, a l’atzar o el teu preferit i ell farà una joia amb les seves pàgines. Una joia única. No et sembla genial?

Do you like books? Literature? Ancient, modern … by Jeremy May is the way to make these amazing jewels. Choose your favorite book and let him convert it into a jewel. A unique jewel with the book pages. It’s wonderful and magic, don’t you think so?

Indra Karpaviciute

Lituania de naixement, la Indra té una gran formació artística havent estudiat tant a Lituania, els Estats Units i Anglaterra. Actualment està a Bristol on continua treballant i creant aquestes magnífiques joies.

Lithuanian born Indra comes from a great artistic background having studied arts in Lithuania, the United States and United Kingdom. Now she’s working at Bristol where she creates these amazing jewels.

Pas de deux

Lin Cheung & Laura Potter
museumaker 2010

Jewellers Lin Cheung & Laura Potter have been working on a collaborative commission: Pas de deux.

The project is part of museumaker, a national partnership between makers, museums and visitors involving 16 museums across the country. Work in progress for their project at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) will go on show next week. The overall project will finish in March 2011 with a main show at mima, plus installations at two other local museums.

They are making pieces for two local residents, based on a series of interviews and object-centred discussions. These pieces will be made twice, with one being given to the commissioner and one going to the jewellery collection at mima. Take a look at the commission process so far by visiting;

Blog: http://pasdedeux-cheung-potter.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pas-de-deux/