Petite Mort Shop by Julia Berg

La Julia és una dissenyadora de Tel-Aviv, que treballa amb pedres naturals i plata teixida amb ganxet. El resultat de les seves peces és impressionant, m’encanta!! Julia is a Tel-Aviv based designer which works with natural gemstones and hand-crochet silver. Her pieces are amazing, I really love them!!

Shani Jacobi

Avui he descobert les joies d’aquesta noia de Tel Aviv i m’ha agradat molt l’estil entre ètnic i antic que tenen les seves peces. Em demano unes arracades!

Today I discovered the jewels of this Tel Aviv artist and I love the mixed ethnic style with vintage feeling that have her pieces. I want one of her earrings!


Tickette està formada per dos dissenyadors de producte, Tal i Ellia. Fan joies molt visuals, formades per paraules i gargots de boli. Molt original!

Tickette was created by two product designers, Tal and Ellia. They make very visual jewels, made with words and doodles. Very original!

Shlomit Ofir

“I’m a young designer, living and working in Tel Aviv.
I have a degree in Industrial Design, but in the past few years I design my own line of jewelry and accessories.
My line is sold in my studio shop in Tel Aviv as well as in shops, boutiques and fairs in Israel and many countries across the world.
I love playing with colors and investigating new materials and techniques. I like mixing old with new, traditional and contemporary, and I am always on the lookout for new pieces that could be combined into my jewelry.”

M’encanta! No us perdeu la seva web, Facebook i botiga on-line!

I love it! You can’t miss her website, Facebook and online store!

Tanya Shin

Imagen 5Imagen 6Imagen 7Imagen 8

La Tanya és una estudiant de Tel-Aviv (Israel) i ens ha escrit per ensenyar-nos el seu projecte Tahshi-Tapil. M’encanta!!

Tanya is a Tel-Aviv student and she wrote us to show her project Tahshi-Tapil. I love it!!

“The graduation project that is all about seeking for a new aesthetics, forms and materials in jewelry design. My collection is inspired by plant parasites, and making from organic garbage, like: pomegranate seeds, passionflower, lemon, pomelo and Margosa tree seeds.”