“To state things simply; I’m a designer, maker, collector and wearer. I am a contemporary jeweller who designs and makes my own pieces; seeing infinite potential in the design and creation of wearable art; viewing the world as a never-ending source of inspiration. When not creating jewellery I have been known to dabble in painting, drawing and photography.

I’m a home-body who loves to travel the world. I hate the monsters under my bed but find comfort in the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. I dream of one day owning a large, beautifully pimped out studio with a token pygmy goat.”

No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!
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Darrere el nom de WhiteMetal hi ha la Kristina i en Bruno, que cansats de treballar les joies clàssiques, van decidir crear una línia de joies més moderna, punk, urbana, romantica i alternativa.  A mi m’encanta, i a vosaltres?

Behind the name of WhiteMetal are Kristina and Bruno, which, tired of working on classic jewelry, decided to create a line of jewelry more modern, punk, urban, romantic and alternative. I love it, and you?

“Memories” by Marta Miguel


La nostra amiga Marta ens envia unes de les seves noves peces que estaràn exposades a la “Annual Winter Brooches Exhibition at Gallery Studio 20/17” de Waterloo (Sydney). M’encanten!!

Our friend Marta Miguel sent us some of her new pieces which are going to be exhibited at “Annual Winter Brooches Exhibition at Gallery Studio 20/17” from Waterloo (Sydney). I love them!

When I met to him I never imagined that one day I would be in Lapland, walking on the forest, smelling, feeling the white and the green. Life is a circle that give us opportunities to do better things. The time past on and now we are in other circle line.

Another place, new destination, with a heart´s shape view in an air map, Brussels.
I have been there only one time, walking in a park, and I felt the same that an others time. Drops are falling on our window looking to a new day.