Small Bird Jewellery

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Darrere el nom de Small Bird hi ha la joiera Jenna Thompson de Rochester (NY), treballa la plata fent-hi gravats i dibuixos que combinen perfectament amb les pedres que munta. M’encanta!

Jenna Thompson also known as Small Bird is a jeweler from Rochester (NY), she makes her works with silver and she engraves beautiful pictures on them.  I love it!

Su Kroker

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Aquesta noia Holandesa fa unes joies amb ganxet i combinació de pedres molt originals! No us perdeu la seva web i la resta de les seves peces!!

This Nederlands girl makes crochet jewels and she originally combines them with stones. You can’t miss her website and the other works she have there!

Andrea Williams – Bound Earth


Aquesta noia de Massachusetts treballa amb pedres que ha anat recollint de diferents llocs. M’ha agradat la manera que té de muntar aquestes pedres i convertir-les en joies fantàstiques. Potser és l’hora de convertir en joia aquella pedra que vaig collir fa unes setmanes a la platja…M’ho pensaré!

This Massachusetts girl work with collected stones of diferent places. I love the way she convert these stones in wonderful jewels. Maybe it’s the moment to transform the stone I found in the beach some weeks ago…I’m going to think about it!

“My jewelry is an expression of the wonder I sense in the overlooked intricacies in nature. When we see stones in infinite numbers underfoot at the beach, we cannot help but to miss the unique perfection in each. I use precious metals in conjunction with seemingly ordinary organic materials to capture that sense of wonder in each piece. A wearable reminder of the beauty within.”