YARN by María Goti

La María Goti ha creat una nova col·lecció YARN feta amb plata i pasta polimèrica de diferents colors. Unes peces molt boniques i molt fresques per aquesta primavera, m’encanta!

María Goti has created a new collection called YARN made with silver and polymer clay of different colours. A really beautiful pieces and really fresh, ideal to wear this spring with anything, I love them!

Rinaldo Álvarez

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“This is my way to put the world in order.
I force, in a conscious way, those little elements (characters, structures, shapes…) that I collect (as a memory, as a photo, as an object…) to look for a dialogue among them, to create a universal speech in the language of the objects: poetry.
That conversation ends up, most of the times discovering to me things about myself that I’m too lazy to analyze in a logical, conscious, introspective way.
Jewellery is the way in which I understand how I relate myself to the world.”

Via Klimt02.