Calaveres – Skulls

Us agraden les calaveres? A mi m’encanten!! I recentment he aconseguit unes calaveres tallades amb pedra impressionants. Una ja l’he muntat amb plata oxidada i unes calaveres als laterals, però les altres us esperen, us atreviu?

Do you like skulls? I love them!! Recently I found some amazing stone handcutted skulls. I just setted one of them with oxidized sterling silver and little skulls on band, but the rest are awaiting you, dare you?

Miyu Decay by Stephanie Inagaki

Avui he descobert la feina d’aquesta artista de Los Angeles, té una col·lecció amb esquelets, plomes i ratpenats al·lucinant. Profundament influenciada pels seus estudis de dansa d’Orient Mitjà, Miyu Decay combina elements estètics de l’Orient Mitjà, Àfrica, Índia, Europa de l’Est, juntament amb dissenys japonesos i europeus tradicionals. Preciós!

Today I discovered the works of this Los Angeles based artist, she has an amazing collection of skulls, feathers and bats. Deeply influenced by her studies in Middle Eastern dancing, Miyu Decay combines aesthetic elements from the Middle East, Africa, India, Eastern Europe along with traditional Japanese and European designs. Beautiful!

Datter Industries by Kaye Blegvad






La Kaye és una dissenyadora i il.lustradora londinenca que fa unes peces molt visuals i divertides, des de calaveres, gatets o mans en trobareu per tots els gustos. M’agrada!

Kaye is a London based designer and ilustrator that makes really visual and funny jewels, you can find skulls, cats, hands, any for every taste. I like them!

“My illustration background means I tend to make pieces with a drawing-based process and a story behind them. I like things dark but elegant, and my jewellery covers some of the same themes I explore in my illustration work: ritual, the occult, war, weaponry, animals, talismans. I like things to show signs of being handmade: nothing too clean or too perfect.”

The Great Frog

The Great Frog és una botiga de joieria que va obrir les seves portes el 1972 a Londres, destinada a fer joies per cantants de rock, artistes i tothom qui pogués apreciar les seves peces amb calaveres i d’un estil roquer. Actualment també tenen botigues a Nova York i Los Angeles, tot i que el taller continua sent a Londres (Soho), i fan joies per llegendes del rock com Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slash o Aerosmith. Ah, i segurament també podreu trobar en Johnny Depp o la Kate Moss amb algunes de les seves peces! M’encanta!

The Great Frog is a jewellery shop that opened its doors on 1972 in London, destined to make jewellery for rockers, artists and everyone who can wear skulls and its rocker style. Nowadays has also expanded to include stores in New York and Los Angeles, though all pieces continue to be handcrafted in London (Soho). Throughout the decade, The Great Frog has designed bespoke pieces for many international names from the fashion and music industries, including rock legends Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slash and Aerosmith. Other wearers of the brand, and therefore a part of its heritage, include Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Oasis. I love it!!