Farrah Al-Dujaili

Recentment he descobert l’obra de Farrah Al-Dujaili, una joiera d’Anglaterra que treballa les seves peces com si fossin dibuixos amb línies i volumetries. Preciós! I recently discovered the works of the English based designer Farrah Al-Dujaili, she works her pieces like drawings with lines and volumetric shapes. So beautiful! “My design methodology revolves around the […]

Anna Lawska

M’agraden les joies de l’Anna, de formes simples i geomètriques, però molt carregades de personalitat. No us perdeu la resta de peces! I love the jewels from Anna, with simple and geometric shapes but full of her personality. Don’t miss the rest of her collection!

Fie von Krogh

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M’agraden les formes que aconsegueix aquest joier norueg tot transformant plàstics en joies fantàstiques. Impressionant!!

I love the way this norway jeweller tranforms plastics in stunning jewels. Wonderful!!

“In this collection I have sought to make plastic interact with gold and silver. Here, the metal is no longer laminated in plastic, it is rather plastic that is covered with 23 carat gold leaf and fine silver leaf and subsequently heat-treated. I call this material “A synergy of gilded plastic”.”

Via The Carrot Box.