Meryl Pataky

Fa just una setmana veig descobrir aquesta artista de San Francisco i em vaig enamorar de les seves peces, tant les joies com les escultures que fa són impressionants! No us perdeu la resta de la seva feina, no us deixarà indiferents!

Just one week ago I discovered this San Francisco based artist and I felt in love with all her pieces, her jewels and sculptures are amazing! Don’t miss the rest of her work, you will enjoy it!

“I am a silversmith, welder, neon artist and teacher living in San Francisco.  I love gardening, bicycling and science.  I am a huge outer space nerd.
My work relies on my own personal narrative and the concept of universal connection.  I enjoy working in an extensive variety of materials including metal, paper, neon and organics.  All of the materials or media I use are elements of the periodic table.  Silver, copper, iron, carbon, neon and all of the noble gases.”

Wallace Chan

Acabo de descobrir les peces d’aquest artista i és l’exemple perfecte de joier-escultor. Les seves peces són petites obres d’art, treballades fins l’últim detall i amb una delicadesa extraordinària. Les seves papallones i libèl·lules són al·lucinants!

I have just discovered the pieces of this artist and he’s the perfect example of jeweler-sculptor. His jewels are lovely works of art, worked to the last detail and with extraordinary delicacy. His butterflies and dragonflies are gorgeous!