Forma by Galit Barak

Galit Barak, joiera d’Israel, ens presenta la seva nova col.lecció “Forma” basada en formes geomètriques. S’inspira en la natura i en l’urbanisme per barrejar formes rústiques amb elements minimalistes. No us perdeu la resta de la seva col.lecció a la seva web ni la seva botiga online!

Galit Barak, jeweler from Israel, introduce us her new collection called “Forma” focusing on clean geometric design. Taking inspiration from nature, urban landscapes and mechanism, the jewelry integrates bold and rustic forms with clean and minimal elements. Don’t miss the rest of the collection at her website and online store!

Vernon Bea

Avui he descobert aquesta dissenyadora de Michigan i m’han agradat les seves peces, d’un estil net i bonic. No us perdeu la resta de les seves joies!

Today I discovered this Michigan based designer and I like her pieces, with a very beautiful and clean design. Don’t miss the rest of her jewels!

Meryl Pataky

Fa just una setmana veig descobrir aquesta artista de San Francisco i em vaig enamorar de les seves peces, tant les joies com les escultures que fa són impressionants! No us perdeu la resta de la seva feina, no us deixarà indiferents!

Just one week ago I discovered this San Francisco based artist and I felt in love with all her pieces, her jewels and sculptures are amazing! Don’t miss the rest of her work, you will enjoy it!

“I am a silversmith, welder, neon artist and teacher living in San Francisco.  I love gardening, bicycling and science.  I am a huge outer space nerd.
My work relies on my own personal narrative and the concept of universal connection.  I enjoy working in an extensive variety of materials including metal, paper, neon and organics.  All of the materials or media I use are elements of the periodic table.  Silver, copper, iron, carbon, neon and all of the noble gases.”

János Gábor Varga from Blind Spot Jewellery

Comença el Setembre, i des de 18kt seguim amb les entrevistes. Avui us presento un artista que segueixo des de fa uns quants anys per internet, m’encanten les seves joies rústiques i forjades a mà. No us perdeu el seu Flickr ni la seva botiga a Etsy.

Starts September, and at 18kt we’re back with the interviews.  Today I’m introducing you an artist that I have been following online for the last few years, I love his rustic and hand forged jewellery. You can’t miss his Flickr and his Etsy store.

Tell us about yourself.
I was born in Budapest in 1976. I have been always interested in nature and later in agriculture. I wanted to understand better the relation between human and nature, the way people find and use their sources of living how they face problems. So during my agricultural studies I spent 10 years of research on the traditional animal breeding and especially the traditional animal healing.
After the uni I left Hungary for England where I lived for nearly 3 years as a milker, later as a cheese maker. Then I moved to Italy where I live in a small village, near to Genova.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration came from the rusty and shiny tools I used on the fields or I saw hanging in old barns. I loved to touch them, play with them… I still love tools, old door knockers, coins and pots. In my mind, the most beautiful finish on metal is the scythe it has at the end of the summer. I try to recall these feelings in my jewelry.

What is your favorite place in your city? Why?
I consider this village where I live as my new home town. There are around 3000 residents here and it makes a nice, warm atmosphere. I like every angle of this place but I particularly adore the little labyrinth of the narrow lanes in the center.

When you decide to become a jeweller?
My first job in Italy was at a goats farm where I worked as a milker, cheese maker and generally I did all the things that is necessary. Forest work, hay making, feeding animals, etc. It could have been a nice job but I already had my passion for jewellery. So I built up my workshop and opened my Etsy shop. When I realized that it kind of works, I quited my job. Since then I mainly live from jewellery but it’s not always enough. So I still do occasional, seasonal jobs when there is a chance.

Name some books, movies or music you specially love.
As for music I like many different kinds.
I was grown up on the post punk/new wave and then I spent my youth on acid/ hip hop.
Recently I often listen to traditional sufi music like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or other Qawwali.
Some of my favorite movies are:
Fight Club, Closely Watched Trains, A Clockwork Orange, Zoo, Bitter Honey
As for books.. I used to read a lot more than I do now.. From Hungarian, Eastern Europian writers- one of my all time favorite is Bohumil Hrabal.

Name three jewelers you would like to see interviewed here.
Some of my favorites:
Dauvit Alexander (allias The Justified Sinner), a great jeweler and a very nice friend.
Lucie Veilleux the charming carpenter girl who makes fabulous metal jewellery too.
Victoria Takahashi the incredible talented jeweler of Seattle.

Blood Milk

Vaig descobrir aquesta artista de Philadelphia fa unes setmanes a través de la seva botiga on-line, i les seves joies d’estil gòtic i rústic són al·lucinants!! M’encanta tot el que fa, no us perdeu el seu bloc!! ;-D

I discovered this artist from Philadelphia some weeks ago through her online store, and her gothic and rustic jewellery is amazing! I love everything she does,  don’t miss her blog!! ;-D

” Consider a girl who keeps slipping off,
arms limp as old carrots,
into the hypnotist’s trance,
into a spirit world speaking with the gift of tongues.”
– A.Sexton –

Stefano Dimalta

Stefano Dimalta és un joier originari de Milà tot i que actualment té el seu estudi a Brooklyn. M’agrada l’estil de les seves joies, amb un toc ètnic i rústic, munta les pedres d’una manera molt personal. No us perdeu la seva web i la recent inagurada botiga on-line.

Stefano Dimalta is a jeweler from Milan but now he has his studio in Brooklyn. I like his jewellery style, with a touch of ethnic and rustic he set stones with a very personal way. Don’t miss his site and his new online store.

Tinah Dee

Fa uns dies vaig decobrir les joies d’aquesta noia de Florida, i sobretot m’agrada l’aspecte rústic i vintage que tenen els seus anells. No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

A few days ago I discovered the jewels of this girl from Florida and I love the rustic and vintage look that have her rings. You can’t miss her online shop!