Steampunk insects by Mike Libby

Dels llibres de ciència-ficció, passant pel cyberpunk, per arribar al steam-punk. La història segueix evolucionant, ara podem trobar aquestes meravelloses escultures a mans de l’artista Mike Libby. Espero que us agradin! Jo m’he enamorat sobretot de les papallones, la meva debilitat!

From the sci-fi books, going trough the cyberpunk, and finally evolving into the steam-punk. The story is still growing, and nowadays we can find these gorgeous insect ‘sculptures’, created by the talented artist Mike Libby. I hope you like them! I felt in love with all butterflies!

Catherine Chandler

M’agraden les noves peces de la Catherine, inspirades en les flors i les plantes. Les podeu trobar a la venta a la seva botiga on-line.

I love these new creations from Catherine, inspired in flowers and plants. You can find them at her online store.

“I have been working on a new production line in the past couple months, and wanted to share with you a couple new pieces. These are fairly time consuming to make, at least to start. This new production line revolves around representations of endangered plant species. I am starting local and concentrating on endangered plants in the Northwestern U.S., and will eventually expand my coverage. It requires hours of research, sketching, refining, scanning images into the computer, more refining, resizing (I try to match the size of the actual plant), printing….etc. etc. etc.

With all that work, I am really excited about these first couple of pieces. So far, they are only earrings, but I fully intend to expand into necklaces as well, and perhaps bracelets if the design allows for it.”

William C. Keene

En William, un joier de 24 anys de Portland (USA), ens ha escrit per presentar-se i ensenyar-nos la seva feina. M’agraden les combinacions que fa de les formes geomètriques amb perles. Podreu veure més peces seves a la web.

William, a jeweler of 24 years old living in Portland (USA), has written us and presented his work. I like the combinations he does of geometric shapes with pearls. You can find more pieces at his website.