Silvia Beccaria

Vaig coneixer la feina d’aquesta joiera de Turí (Itàlia) a Joya Barcelona 2013, i em va cridar l’atenció la manera que té de treballar el volum amb diferents materials com plàstic, fil ferro o paper. Increïbles collarets d’un estil molt personal!

I discovered the works of this Turin (Italy) based designer at Joya Barcelona 2013, and I loved the way she works with volume with different materials as plastic, wire and paper. Amazing necklaces with a very personal style!

Hash and Chez

M’agraden les joies que fan aquesta parella de Los Angeles, utilitzen fusta i altres materials reciclats per fer aquestes joies de formes geomètriques. Genial!

I like the jewellery of these artists based at Los Angeles, they use wood and recycled materials to make these geometric shape jewels. Great!



M’encanta! No tinc paraules! I love it! I haven’t words! We’re Daniel and Christina. We live in a little house here in London with two little dogs. We have day jobs. By night we make things. Mostly out of plastic. Daniel thinks that a Weaselfactory is a place where weasels are made. Christina thinks that […]

Emiko Oye

Unes peces excepcionals de l’artista de San Francisco, Emiko Oye. M’agraden aquestes obres tant elegants i potents! L’Emiko treballa amb peces de LEGO i les modifica, tot convertint-les en fantàstiques joies. Un feina molt colorista, m’encanta!


Amazing works by the San Francisco based artist, Emiko Oye. I fall in love with these smart and powerful jewels! Emiko works with LEGO pieces and modify them to transform into wonderful jewels!


Fie von Krogh

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M’agraden les formes que aconsegueix aquest joier norueg tot transformant plàstics en joies fantàstiques. Impressionant!!

I love the way this norway jeweller tranforms plastics in stunning jewels. Wonderful!!

“In this collection I have sought to make plastic interact with gold and silver. Here, the metal is no longer laminated in plastic, it is rather plastic that is covered with 23 carat gold leaf and fine silver leaf and subsequently heat-treated. I call this material “A synergy of gilded plastic”.”

Via The Carrot Box.

Melanie Lynn Design

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La Melanie és una Estudianrt de BFA al SUNY New Paltz. Ha escrit per explicar-nos que a part de les seves col·leccions que podeu veure a la seva web, actualment està treballant en unes peces de plàstic tallades amb làser que són impressionants. No us perdeu la resta de la seva feina al seu Flickr i la seva botiga on-line. M’encanta!

Melanie is currently a 2009 BFA student  at SUNY New Paltz. She has wrote us to explain she is working with newer technologies and materials such as laser cutting and acrylic sheet to create her jewelry. You can’t miss her collections at her Flickr and her online shop. I love it!

Alidra Alic

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Aquesta joiera de Copenhagen ens presenta la seva col·lecció “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” on, inspirada en les històries i motius florals del segle XIX, hi podreu trobar aquestes fantàstiques joies. Increïbles construcccions on treballa tant amb metall com amb altres materials com el plàstic. M’encanta!

This Copenhagen jeweler present her collection “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” where, inspired in stories and floral motifs from 1800’s, you will find these wonderful jewels. Incredible constructions where she works with metal as with other materials like plastic. I love it!

Marie-Louise Kristensen


“Jewels are catching.
They are incredible, mystical, playful, serious, dangerous, powerful, and so much more.

There is something enchanting in their history, in the tradition and in the materials. The sparkling stones, silver and gold, plastic, acrylic and all the queer or common bits and pieces we surround ourselves with.
Fragments of units and fragments of ourselves.

Fragments which can be combined infinitely into new adventures and are assigned to interpretation and meaning – Stand out and provide news from odd corners of a round world.

This is what occupies me.”

Coconut Lu


Aquesta noia de Melbourne fa unes peces amb textures i imprimacions molt interessants. Jugant amb relleus de la pell, d’objectes i sobretot de teixits crea món nous on introdueix pedres de colors. M’agraden les seves peces i he trobat molt divertida la seva sèrie de plàstic. No us perdeu el seu bloc ni el seu Flickr.

Anna S. King at Velvet da Vinci

“Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco presents new works by
renowned Scottish fiber artist Anna S. King. The exhibition will
include baskets, jewelry and a 25′ tall fiber installation in the
gallery. Using traditional techniques each piece is expertly
produced with materials ranging from pine needles, jute, cotton,
linen and raffia to silk, nylon and plastic. Underlying all of
King’s work is her fascination with words and text, which form the
basis from which she derives her inspiration and ideas. Small hand-
bound books are incorporated into many of the pieces.”

Del 25 de Juny al 27 de Juliol.