Alex Monroe at Premiere Classe

Fa temps que conec la feina de l‘Alex, i les seves joies són màgiques. Ocellets, abelles, animalets en miniatura, plantes i tot tipus de flors són algunes de les seves inspiracions. A Premiere Classe de Paris ens presentarà les seves noves col·leccions; Dream of Me i Best of British. No us les perdeu!

I know Alex works since some time ago, and his pieces are magic. Birds, bees, small animals, plants and lots of different flowers are some of his inspiration. At Premiere Classe from Paris he will show his new collections; Dream of Me and Best of British. Don’t miss them!

Alexis Southam

Ahir vaig descobrir la feina d’aquesta joiera d’Edimburg que aconsegueix unir les seves dues passions; la joieria i el seu jardí. Unes peces precioses, estic segura que als nois de 40Fakes els hi encantaran!

Yesterday I discovered the works of this Edimburg jeweler, where she unites her two passions, jewellery and her garden. Beautiful pieces that I’m sure the 40Fakes guys will love!

Growing is Forever

Inspirada en aquest magnífic video de Jesse Rosten, sobre el creixement, les plantes i la naturalesa, he creat una selecció de joies amb plantes. Espero que us agradin i sobretot gaudiu d’aquest video, a mi se’m posa la pell de gallina cada cop que el veig.

Inspired by this amazing video made by Jesse Rosten, talking about growing, plants and nature, I have created a selection of jewelry with plants. I hope you like them and you can enjoy this video that puts me goosebumps every time I see it.

Collen Jordan

Hafsteinn Juliusson

Sarah Hood

La Chica de los Anillos

Christine J. Brandt

Beauty Spot

Adorn Jewelry

Doll Disaster Design

Lila Ruby King

Wexford Jewelers


Woodland Belle

Ananda Khalsa


Kathi Roussel

La Bague Gazon

Maria Apostolou

Colby June

Aquesta noia de Carbondale (Colorado) s’inspira en les formes de la naturalesa per fer les seves col·leccions, des d’anells amb pedres de riu fins a arracades amb espigues vegetals. No us perdeu la resta de la seva feina al seu bloc, web o botiga on-line.

This girl from Carbondale (Colorado) is inspired by the nature shapes to make her collections, from rings river rocks  to earrings with plant leaves. Don’t miss the rest of her work on her blog, website or online store.

Catherine Chandler

M’agraden les noves peces de la Catherine, inspirades en les flors i les plantes. Les podeu trobar a la venta a la seva botiga on-line.

I love these new creations from Catherine, inspired in flowers and plants. You can find them at her online store.

“I have been working on a new production line in the past couple months, and wanted to share with you a couple new pieces. These are fairly time consuming to make, at least to start. This new production line revolves around representations of endangered plant species. I am starting local and concentrating on endangered plants in the Northwestern U.S., and will eventually expand my coverage. It requires hours of research, sketching, refining, scanning images into the computer, more refining, resizing (I try to match the size of the actual plant), printing….etc. etc. etc.

With all that work, I am really excited about these first couple of pieces. So far, they are only earrings, but I fully intend to expand into necklaces as well, and perhaps bracelets if the design allows for it.”