HK Gravity Pearl by Nosigner

HK Gravity Pearl

In Japanese, the character for “izumi” (fountain) is a hybrid of the two characters for “white” and “water”.

The artificial pearls produced by HK (calls ‘HAKU’)’s artisans in Izumi are akin to shining crystals emerging from white water.

Being first to master the production of artificial pearls in Japan, Izumi artisans have a long-standing inherited and traditional know-how passed on from generation to generation.

For the exhibition, HK developed “Gravity pearls” in collaboration with designer NOSIGNER.
They are magnetic pearls that attract one another, and transform to ring, necklace, earing, broach,etc.

HK introduce this new and enticing breed of pearls, which can cluster like bubbles.

William C. Keene

En William, un joier de 24 anys de Portland (USA), ens ha escrit per presentar-se i ensenyar-nos la seva feina. M’agraden les combinacions que fa de les formes geomètriques amb perles. Podreu veure més peces seves a la web.

William, a jeweler of 24 years old living in Portland (USA), has written us and presented his work. I like the combinations he does of geometric shapes with pearls. You can find more pieces at his website.

Eyvia Gioielli


Eyvia Gioielli, creada el 1992, és una empresa concebuda per Luca Ronco, joier i graduat per l’Escola Benvenuta Vellini de Valenza Po. La seva passió per les joies i per les perles l’ha portat a crear aquestes fantàstiques col·leccions. Trobo les seves peces d’una gran delicadesa.

Eyvia Gioielli, established in February 1992, was conceived by Luca Ronco, Jewel Designer and graduate of the renowned Benvenuto Cellini School of Art at Valenza Po. Luca’s passion for jewellery and pearls made him to create these wonderful collections. I find his work so delicate.


En Pal Gooz i la seva dona Monika són una parella de joiers de Hungria que realitzen les seves peces utilitzant diferentes tècniques i barrejant els metalls d’una manera molt personal. Jo m’he enamorat de les seves peces, són molt especials no trobeu? Podeu visitar la seva web i el seu Flickr.