Reagan Hayhurst

M’agraden les joies d’aquesta noia de Pennsylvania, no us perdeu la seva botiga on-line i el seu bloc!

I like the jewels from this girl from Pennsylvania, you can’t miss her on-line store and her blog!

“I am a SkinCare therpapist by day and Metalsmith by night. I abolutely love to create metal works of art. I would always prefer to create One-of-a-Kind pieces and custom work. I love to push myself to create something new and unique with each piece I create.”

Danielle Miller

Aquesta joiera de Pennsylvania fa unes joies que combinen la tècnica amb les pedres, les formes geomètriques i el moviment. Increïbles, les seves joies són una unió de força, delicadesa i colors que les fan úniques. Les podreu gaudir al seb flickr, bloc o botiga Etsy.

“My present work consists of jewelry with kinetic elements designed to attract and engage the attention of the wearer. These articulated parts rely on the action of the wearer for motion. This action can be a simple turn of the body or a deliberate manipulation of the movable parts. This kinetic aspect of my work creates an intimate and unique relationship between jewelry and wearer. My jewelry, by definition, is not only an object of personal adornment but also an object of personal interaction and recreation.”