Mr Lentz

Avui he descobert la col·lecció de penjolls d’aquest artista de Boulder, CO. Són peces fetes de fusta on es poden posar flors o molsa, tot depèn del gust de cada un. M’encanta!!

Today I dicovered the collection of this artist from Boulder, CO. They’re pieces made with wood where is possible to wear flowers or moss. I love them!!

“I am constantly building new things, whether a living necklace, Mexican colonial era bench, wind turbine or cigar box guitar… creating things is what I do best. I try hard to stick to recycled and renewable materials as well as non-toxic handmade stains and wood finishes. I source a lot of my material from the local renewable resource yard in Boulder, CO. One man’s recyclables becomes art, design and creation.”

Elisabetta Dupré

Aquesta joiera italiana fa unes peces amb una gran càrrega sentimental però d’unes formes molt geomètriques i simples que li dònen cert caràcter. Té uns penjolls fantàstics!

“Il mio lavoro si basa sulla ricerca personale, sull’unicità e sulla portabilità, perché penso che, prima (ed alla fine) di tutto, anche il gioiello moderno si realizzi pienamente nell’essere indossato.”