Forma by Galit Barak

Galit Barak, joiera d’Israel, ens presenta la seva nova col.lecció “Forma” basada en formes geomètriques. S’inspira en la natura i en l’urbanisme per barrejar formes rústiques amb elements minimalistes. No us perdeu la resta de la seva col.lecció a la seva web ni la seva botiga online!

Galit Barak, jeweler from Israel, introduce us her new collection called “Forma” focusing on clean geometric design. Taking inspiration from nature, urban landscapes and mechanism, the jewelry integrates bold and rustic forms with clean and minimal elements. Don’t miss the rest of the collection at her website and online store!

MSO Joies // Noves peces i pedres

Ja som a mitjans de Novembre i a MSOJoies tenim peces noves a la botiga on-line, i encara en tindrem algunes més les properes setmanes. Estigueu alerta! O si teniu en ment una peça especial i única, podeu veure totes les pedres en estoc al nostre Flickr. No ho deixeu per l’últim moment! Ah! Si voleu rebre el nostre Newsletter amb les novetats i descomptes, us podeu inscriure aquí!

We’re at November and from MSOJoies we want to share with you some of the new jewels we have at our online store. Also, we’re going to have some more new stuff before the end of the month, so stay in touch. Moreover, if you’re thinking in a personalized and special design, you can see all gemstones we have in stock at our Flickr. If you want to receive our Newsletter with all news and special discounts, you can submit it here!

Little Sister Designs by Charlotte Burkhart

La Charlotte és una dissenyadora de Nova Zelanda que fa unes peces d’estil gòtic, amb ossos i pedres naturals. S’inspira en la màgia, la ciència ficció i en l’ocult per crear aquestes peces impressionants.

Charlotte is a New Zealand based designer that makes gothic style pieces with silver, bones and natural gemstones. She inspires in Magic, Alchemy, Sorcery and the Occult to create theses amazing pieces.

Regine Schwarzer

La Regine treballa les formes geomètriques inspirant-se en les pedres naturals i els seus cristalls. M’encanta la seva feina!

Regine works with geometric shapes inspired in natural gemstones and crystals. I love her jewels!

“Living in Australia has influenced my work profoundly through discovering my passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. For a number of years I myself have been collecting, processing and cutting the stones I use in my work inspired by their colours. The crystalline formations of minerals which grow in a variety of different systems stimulate me to construct both jewellery and objects that reference and utilize gems and minerals. My art practice is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals, rocks and metal. I use and interpret this material in various ways: its actual form, cut, uncut and as interpretations of the crystalline structure.”