Anne Bulmer Brewer

Aquesta joiera de Plano (Texas) fa unes joies amb Kum-Boo molt boniques. Es declara una joieria inquieta i amb ganes d’experimentar tècniques i pàtines noves. Podeu veure les seves joies a la seva web i al seu Flickr. Endavant!!

“All my work is completely hand made and I only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Currently, my work is exploring a variety of asian metal techniques, from keum-boo to zougan, along with experimenting with various Japanese Patinas on different metals. I am also exploring foldforming and forging. I enjoy using the medium of jewelry as both a sculptural and graphic medium. My work is largely inspired by the architecture and transience of nature.”

Anya Pinchuk

La Anya és una joieria nascuda a Rússia però que actualment viu i treballa a Estats Units. Les seves peces són contruccions d’estructures amb cercles metàl·lics. Els acabats són amb textures i pàtines que creen un efecte de volumetria més accentuat a les seves peces. Increïble!!

“My work is dominated by structure and abstraction. I try to create the illusion of a solid surface by using positive and negative spaces, light and shadows, and transparency. In my work I use my knowledge of geometry to create three-dimensional volumetric forms using planes, juxtaposing organic silhouettes and geometric shapes, structure, and patterns. I use repetition as a principle: in the overall appearance (the patterns that I create) as well as in the constructing process (multiple soldering).”

Melody Amstrong

Aquesta joiera de Canadà fa joies amb pàtines de colors i barreja la plata amb el titani. Utilitza formes de la naturalesa per crear-hi textures i volums, fent de les seves peces obres d’art. A més de joiera també pinta quadres i dissenya diversos objectes.

“My jewellery designs start from the subconscious and are influenced by the organic and the architectural. I work with sterling silver, patina, anodized titanium, semi precious stones, and gold. I create contrasts in my jewellery designs using different surface textures and color. Reoccurring themes in my work are references to the body and to plants, through the use of shapes and openings, showing their similarities to each other. My greatest satisfaction is when my design is brought to completion as a finished Jewellery piece to adorn the body.”