ikcha, is design from the soul,
it’s an awakening to what’s not visible: the spirit,
the magic within, the feeling of wind against your skin, the soft touch of the sun.
ikcha, is discovering your feelings and expressing them in a jewel that identifies you,
that makes you feel. It’s a constant experimentation, a daring statement in techniques and materials.
It’s the inspiration that enters the shape to give it life.”

Cristina Zazo

Fa uns dies vaig descobrir les joies d’aquesta noia de Madrid, aquestes són peces de la nova col·lecció Primavera/Estiu 2011 anomenada Ormulú. Peces de formes orgàniques, muntades amb pedres naturals i d’inspiració vintage. Bona feina!

Some days ago I discovered the work of this jeweler from Madrid, these are pieces from her new collection Spring/Summer 2011 called Ormulú. They’re pieces with organic shapes, with natural gemstones and inspired in vintage jewels. Lovely work!

“Desde siempre me recuerdo dibujando y modelando. Al principio con la arena de los parques donde jugaba con mis hermanas, en las paredes y muebles de mi casa….”

Paula Mendoza

La Paula ha creat aquesta col·lecció “Cave of Wonders” inspirada en les pedres que es poden trobar en una cova de Halong Bay, Vietnam. Pedres en brut, de formes cristal·litzades i muntades amb un gran treball dels metalls. M’encanta!!

Paula has created  “Cave of Wonders” collection inspired by gemstones that can be found in a cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Rough stones, crystallized shapes and setted using a beautiful metalworking. Love it!

“This is Cave of Wonders: aged metals, melted and calcified by time, giving birth to precious and semiprecious stones fused with the metal as if each were part of the other, a conglomerate formed from immense creative forces.”

Cristina Dias

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M’encanten les peces d’aquesta noia brasilenya, els colors i les formes que aconsegueix amb la silicona són genials! No sabria dir si m’agraden més les peces de la seva col·lecció “Carnivoras” o les de “Criaturas”.

I love the jewellery of this brazilian girl, the silicon colours and shapes are wonderful! I really can’t choose if I’ll prefer “Carnivoras” or “Criaturas” collection.

“Criaturas is an ongoing series of objects and jewelry inspired by tantalizing organisms. Each piece is a hybrid of an extensive collection of visual impressions with opposing qualities: attractive and repulsive, beautiful and grotesque, familiar and yet exotic. I strive to translate these qualities into objects that are ambiguous in form and color as to avoid the allocation of identification, therefore asking the audience to take a fresh look at surfaces, textures, colors and forms combined into whole new entities.”

Lauren Wolf

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La Lauren va estudiar joieria a Mèxic encara que actualment viu i treballa a Brooklyn. Li agrada treballar amb formes orgàniques i barrejar les textures naturals amb el metall.

Lauren studied jewelry design in Mexico and currently works in Brooklyn. She likes to work with organic shapes and mix them with textures and metal.