New 18kt!

Hello everybody! I’m here again, after some years not posting on 18kt I’ve decided to redesign this site to keep sharing information and jewelry things with you.

The past years the way we communicate and share the information have changed a lot, and this is the new way 18kt will do it.

You will find a new menu with new sections like Tips & Tricks, Gemstones and Interviews. I hope you like it and we can collaborate to make this community bigger.

Thank you!

Hola a tothom! Torno a ser aquí! Després d’una anys sense publicar pràcticament res he decidit redissenyar aquest bloc i seguir compartint informació relacionada amb la joieria.

Els últims anys la manera que ens comuniquem i compartim la informació ha canviat molt, i aquesta serà la nova manera que ho faré a 18kt.

Hi trobareu un nou menú amb seccions noves com Tips & Tricks, Gemstones i Interviews. Espero que us agradi i que poguem col·laborar per fer crèixer aquesta comunitat junts.




El passat 8 de Març va nèixer la Maria, estem molt contents i gaudint de l’experiència. El bloc ha estat uns dies inactiu però reprenem aquesta setmana amb més novetats, descobriments i exposicions. Bon cap de setmana!

On March 8th was born our daughter Maria, we’re really happy and enjoying this experience. 18kt has been inactive some days but this week we will start again with lots of new stuff. Happy weekend!

MSO Joies // Noves peces i pedres

Ja som a mitjans de Novembre i a MSOJoies tenim peces noves a la botiga on-line, i encara en tindrem algunes més les properes setmanes. Estigueu alerta! O si teniu en ment una peça especial i única, podeu veure totes les pedres en estoc al nostre Flickr. No ho deixeu per l’últim moment! Ah! Si voleu rebre el nostre Newsletter amb les novetats i descomptes, us podeu inscriure aquí!

We’re at November and from MSOJoies we want to share with you some of the new jewels we have at our online store. Also, we’re going to have some more new stuff before the end of the month, so stay in touch. Moreover, if you’re thinking in a personalized and special design, you can see all gemstones we have in stock at our Flickr. If you want to receive our Newsletter with all news and special discounts, you can submit it here!

Kirsten Muenster

The Detailers: Kirsten Muenster from agency twofifteen on Vimeo.

Bonic video on la mateix Kirsten ens explica com fa les seves joies, la seva font d’inspiració i els seus orígens. No us perdeu el seu bloc ni la seva web!

Beautiful video showing how Kirsten make her pieces and where comes from her inspiration. Don’t miss her bloc and her website!

“I’ve always had a love of jewelry. I collected vintage jewelry when I was really young and had a real appreciation for it. My mother was an antiques dealer, so she instilled in me a curiosity about the history, craftsmanship and story behind each piece. I was also a collector of things – shells, rocks, seeds, pods, little beautiful things, and I would always put these objects on top of my hand or wrist and say, “I want to wear this, why can’t I wear this?!” One day I think my dad finally got tired of me saying that, and he said “Let’s go make something!” So I made my first ring when I was about 14 in my dad’s garage. He had a workshop down there with a lot of tools… he isn’t a jeweler, just the kind of person who can make or fix anything. We looked around the shop, found some metal, a copper pipe (a makeshift ring mandrel), put it in a vice and with a rubber mallet I hammered my first ring. Growing up, he really encouraged me to use the tools around me to execute my ideas, and not be afraid of them or be afraid of getting dirty. The experience of having an abstract idea and being able to make with my own hands a tangible thing that I could wear – well, that was it, I was completely hooked and I knew I was going to be a jeweler.”

JOYA 2012 & La Basilica Galeria

Des d’ahir es pot visitar JOYA 2012 al FAD, Plaça dels Àngels de Barcelona, i l’exposició estarà oberta fins demà dissabte. Els horaris són de 11 a 14 i de 16 a 21h. Ah! I no passeu de llarg a la taula de La Basilica Galeria, que hi han les meves últimes creacions.

Since yesterday and until tomorrow you can visit JOYA 2012 at FAD, Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona. The oppening hours are from 11 to 14 and from 16 to 21h. Ah! And don’t miss La Basilica Galeria table where are exhibited some of my new rings.

Stephanie Simek – News

Golden Venus Flytrap Earrings

An exotic creature of impeccable taste, the Golden Venus Flytrap knows a good thing when it sees one. This curious scene is set in resin against an opulent Art Nouveau-esque background and stars a real Venus Flytrap that has been dried and then gilded in 23 karat gold. The teardrop-shaped earrings have sterling silver posts and are approximately 1.75” in length and 1” across at the widest part. The ear posts can also be made of 14 karat gold upon request. These earrings make a unique gift to let someone know you think they are quite a “catch”. Custom monogramming is available for an extra personal touch.