La Umber és una artista de Seattle que treballa les joies com si fosssin petits quadres, amb històries i missatges per explicar. M’agrada com combina els elements visuals amb les pedres naturals, preciós!

Umber is a Seattle based artist that works jewels like small paintings, with stories and messages to tell. I love the way she combines these visual elements with natural stones, beautiful!

“I fell in love with the idea of jewelry as small scale art pieces that individual people choose to place on their bodies.  There is nothing more intimate than that contact on skin.  When one chooses to adorn their self with a piece of jewelry, that jewelry can become a symbol, a reminder, a message – be it private or public.  It can be a keeper of experience, the medium through which we layer on strength, history, joy and beauty.”



RedSofa by Joanna Szkiela






“Although a city girl, I am incessantly drawn to nature, both mother and human. This duality is a constant source of inspiration as I attempt to find a balance between the raw, organic and the synthetic, man made. A self-trained jeweler, I love to combine the precious with the mundane, and to create unusual associations between forms. The resulting exploration process is endless and yet deeply satisfying. Each collection piece has a story behind it, just as each custom piece has your story behind it.”

Unes peces brutals, no us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

An amazing jewels, don’t miss her online store!

Rosella Resin

La Jessica i la Gwynne són dues germanes de Melbourne que fan joies amb resina ecològica. Creen anells i braçalets barrejant la resina amb pigments i elements naturals com fulles o llavors, el resultat és preciós! Jessica and Gwynne are two sisters from Melbourne that make jewels with eco Resin. They create rings and bangles […]

The Angry Weather

La Iveth Morales és la dissenyadora darrere The Angry Weather, un punt de venta de les seves creacions inspirades en la natura, l’univers, els records d’infància, la seva familia i en ilustracions i fotografia. M’agrada!

Iveth Morales is the designer behind The Angry Weather, a where you can buy her creations inspired in nature: mountains, forests, deserts, the weather, the universe; also in home objects, the idea of a refuge for the mind and body, childhood memories, her husband and daughter, illustration and photography. I like it!

Concrete Polish by Angela Monaco

M’encanten les joies que fa aquesta joiera de Philadelphia, inspirades en la naturalesa i en les formes de cristal·lització dels minerals aconsegueix crear peces úniques. No us perdeu la resta de les seves col·leccions a la seva web i a la seva botiga on-line.

I love jewellery that makes this Philadelphia jeweler, inspired by nature and crystallization shapes of minerals she’s able to create unique pieces. Don’t miss her entire collections on her website and her online store.

Growing is Forever

Inspirada en aquest magnífic video de Jesse Rosten, sobre el creixement, les plantes i la naturalesa, he creat una selecció de joies amb plantes. Espero que us agradin i sobretot gaudiu d’aquest video, a mi se’m posa la pell de gallina cada cop que el veig.

Inspired by this amazing video made by Jesse Rosten, talking about growing, plants and nature, I have created a selection of jewelry with plants. I hope you like them and you can enjoy this video that puts me goosebumps every time I see it.

Collen Jordan

Hafsteinn Juliusson

Sarah Hood

La Chica de los Anillos

Christine J. Brandt

Beauty Spot

Adorn Jewelry

Doll Disaster Design

Lila Ruby King

Wexford Jewelers


Woodland Belle

Ananda Khalsa


Kathi Roussel

La Bague Gazon

Maria Apostolou

Carolyn Morris Bach

La Carolyn Morris Bach viu a Southern Rhode Island, rodejada de naturalesa i animals. Això l’inspira a fer aquestes fantàstiques joies, combinacions amb pedres que construeixen nius d’ocells, conills, i tota mena de móns fantàstics. M’encanta!

Carolyn Morris Bach lives in the Southern Rhode Island, surrounded by nature and animals. These sorroundings inspire her to make these wonderful jewels, gemstones combinations building nests of birds, rabbits and fantastic worlds. I love it!

Via Roux-Bijoux.