Gur Kimel


Gur Kimel és dissenyador industrial però la seva passió per la joieria l’ha portat a investigar en aquest sector. Les seves peces estan inspirades en la naturalesa i combina el metall amb elements naturals com les closques. Podeu veure la seva feina en aquesta web i a la seva botiga on-line. M’encanta!

Gur Kimel is an industrial designer but his passion for jewelry has led him to research in this area. His pieces are inspired by nature and combines metal with natural elements like shells. You can see his works at this website and his online shop. I love it!

“I go outdoors and look for the most interesting shapes colors and textures, the small things that our modern society has forgotten all about:
the way a tree grows , the shape of a nut, the shell that fits the body perfectly, the way a fruit unfolds his shape, the colors of the water at sunset time, the life that is found in the forest,
That’s my inspiration.”

Johnny Ninos


“I grew up in a small town in western NY called Alfred. It was there that I spent a lot of time as a boy with my dad; out and about in the woods lifting up rocks and exploring swamps looking and learning about anything that I could find. This early exploration has had a big influence on my work today.”

No us perdeu la botiga on-line d’aquest joier de California, m’encanten els seus anells!!

You can’t miss the online shop of this California jeweler, I love his rings!!

Wendy McAllister


“My jewelry refers to the botanical world with its riotous clash of cobalt, chartreuse, and magenta. I am drawn to the lush, psychotropic-like blossoms, evolved to entice insects into their elegant geometry ensuring mutual survival. All that sumptuous, unabashed beauty is purposeful, and it sweeps me away as a voyeur to the spectacle. The seductive, temporal nature of flowers with their quirky technicolor architecture clamors for my attention as an artist.”

Via Wearable Art Blog.

Jacqueline Ryan


La Jacqueline és nascuda de Finchley (Londres) tot i que actualment viu i té el seu taller a Todi (Itàlia). La seva font d’inspiració és la naturalesa, d’on extreu les formes, les analitza i sintetitza tot creant aquestes magnífiques joies. Trobo la seva feina d’una finura excel·lent.

Jacqueline is born in Finchley (London) although now lives and has her workshop in Todi (Italy). Her inspiration is nature, where she finds organic shapes and analyzes them to create these magnificent jewels. I find her work really fineness.

“In my work, I abstract nature and seek to communicate brief impressions of what I have observed and encountered. Working from large and small-scale drawings and sketches made from life (zoos, museums, aquariums, botanical gardens) I continually collect visual information about nature’s forms, structures, surfaces, textures and colours (including via digital macrophotography) and “translate” the elements that most inspire me, into tiny, paper sculpture-like models, before finally moving on to constructing the final piece in precious metals.”

Rebecka Fröberg


La Rebecka és nascuda a Suècia i les seves joies estan inspirades en les tradicions del seu país, encara que actualment viu i treballa a Brooklyn. La naturalesa i les històries de fades són la seva font d’inspiració i és que només ens cal mirar amb quina delicadesa transforma el metall en aquestes fantàstiques joies.

Ornella Iannuzzi

Les joies d’aquesta noia estan inspirades en la naturalesa, les plantes i en tot allò que té a veure amb l’origen del món. Influenciada per les joies de René Lalique i per la seva llar als Alps Francesos, aquesta joiera ens transmet unes formes i uns colors impresionants amb cada una de les seves peces. Actualment treballa i viu a Londres, on té el seu estudi.

Via Mar de Color Rosa.

Amy Roper Lyons

Aquesta artista no només fa joies sinó que treballa l’esmalt al foc d’una manera sublim!! No puc descriure amb paraules les seves peces, són increïbles!

“My work expresses my love for the infinite variety found in the natural world. One source of inspiration is my garden, both the plant forms and the creatures which inhabit it. I try to capture the graceful forms and rich colors which I observe there. Recently, I spent a year living by the sea in Ireland. Long walks on the beach, peering into tidal pools, sparked my current series of marine life.”