RedSofa by Joanna Szkiela






“Although a city girl, I am incessantly drawn to nature, both mother and human. This duality is a constant source of inspiration as I attempt to find a balance between the raw, organic and the synthetic, man made. A self-trained jeweler, I love to combine the precious with the mundane, and to create unusual associations between forms. The resulting exploration process is endless and yet deeply satisfying. Each collection piece has a story behind it, just as each custom piece has your story behind it.”

Unes peces brutals, no us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

An amazing jewels, don’t miss her online store!

The Angry Weather

La Iveth Morales és la dissenyadora darrere The Angry Weather, un punt de venta de les seves creacions inspirades en la natura, l’univers, els records d’infància, la seva familia i en ilustracions i fotografia. M’agrada!

Iveth Morales is the designer behind The Angry Weather, a where you can buy her creations inspired in nature: mountains, forests, deserts, the weather, the universe; also in home objects, the idea of a refuge for the mind and body, childhood memories, her husband and daughter, illustration and photography. I like it!

Old Gold Boutique








Avui he descobert aquesta gent de Montreal i tenen unes joies genials, a part de roba i tot tipus de complements. M’encanta el penjoll del gatet (porta una mini caixeta a dins per guardar-hi secrets)!! :-))

Today I discovered this people from Montreal and they have amazing jewels, and also lots of beautiful clothes and accesories. I felt in love with the cat pendant (it has a small box to put your secrets inside)!! :-))

2010 Bagues / 2010 Rings at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h

2010 Bagues / 2010 Rings
Commissaire / Curator : Lily Yung

Artistes participants/participating artists:
Beth Alber, Lois Betteridge , Teresa Biagi, Wing-Ki Chan, Lise Downe, Lori Myers, Michele Perras, Pamela Ritchie, Anneke van Bommel, Sarah Troper, Tiana Roebuck & Lily Yung.

Jeudi 10 mars 2011. 18h-21h
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6-9pm

L’exposition se poursuit jusqu’au 10 avril 2011.
The exhibition continues until April 10, 2011


Darrere Markhed Designs hi ha la dissenyadora Marie Khediguian, titulada en arquitectura per la Universitat McGill. Markhed és una companyia de Montreal on dissenyen i creen aquestes fantàstiques joies. Podeu visitar el seu bloc, el seu Flickr o la seva botiga on-line.

Markhed founder and designer, Marie Khediguian, has a Master’s degree in Architecture from McGill University. Markhed is a Montreal company which designs and creates these great jewels. You can visit her blog, her Flickr or her online store.

This Ilk by Tamara Bavdek

La Tamara és dissenyadora industrial titulada per la Universitat de Montreal. M’encanten les seves col·leccions, peces fetes amb puntes de roba i combinades d’una manera molt suggerent. Podeu visitar la seva web o la seva botiga on-line.

Tamara is graduated from University of Montreal in Industrial Design . I love her collections, made with lace and combined in a very suggestive way. You can visit her website or her online store.