Meryl Pataky

Fa just una setmana veig descobrir aquesta artista de San Francisco i em vaig enamorar de les seves peces, tant les joies com les escultures que fa són impressionants! No us perdeu la resta de la seva feina, no us deixarà indiferents!

Just one week ago I discovered this San Francisco based artist and I felt in love with all her pieces, her jewels and sculptures are amazing! Don’t miss the rest of her work, you will enjoy it!

“I am a silversmith, welder, neon artist and teacher living in San Francisco.  I love gardening, bicycling and science.  I am a huge outer space nerd.
My work relies on my own personal narrative and the concept of universal connection.  I enjoy working in an extensive variety of materials including metal, paper, neon and organics.  All of the materials or media I use are elements of the periodic table.  Silver, copper, iron, carbon, neon and all of the noble gases.”

Lili Claspe

Darrere el nom de Lili Claspe hi ha la Stephie, una dissenyadora de California a la que li encanta treballar amb minerals i metalls per crear les seves joies. El resultat són aquestes peces tant impressionants, genial!

Behind the name of Lili Claspe there is Stephie, a designer from California who loves creating jewels mixing metals and gemstones. The result are these amazing jewels, love it!

Tinah Dee

Fa uns dies vaig decobrir les joies d’aquesta noia de Florida, i sobretot m’agrada l’aspecte rústic i vintage que tenen els seus anells. No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

A few days ago I discovered the jewels of this girl from Florida and I love the rustic and vintage look that have her rings. You can’t miss her online shop!

Jessica Briggs

M’agraden les combinacions que fa de metalls i textures. Podeu veure més peces seves aquí i comprar-les aquí.

I love her metal and textures combinations. You can see more of her jewels here and buy them here.

“There is an inherent simplicity of both form and function in my work. All designs, whatever the inspiration are translated into elegant pieces with subtle textures or more complex and layered finishes.
Each item is handcrafted by myself and thus the characteristics of all aspects of my work are under constant review. The result is an ever-changing range of very wearable jewellery.”

Lisbeth Dauv


“I enjoy combining conventional techniques with “new”modern materials. My choise of material ranges from gold and silver to more alternative materials such as paper and plastic. Simplicity is evedident in all my designs. Producing all my jewelry myself allows me to accomodate the specific wishes/needs of my customers.”

Lisbeth Dauv