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Què tal la Setmana Santa? Nosaltres hem estat de mini-vacances uns dies a Cadaqués, gaudint de tranquilitat i mar. I en un poble tan bonic, de casetes blaques, barques i platges plenes de pedres, hi vam trobar la Gemma Ridameya, una joiera que té una botiga-taller molt bonica just al mig del poble. Jo fa un any que passejo amunt i avall un anell seu amb una pedra de la platja i m’encanta! No us perdeu la seva nova web i no dubteu en fer-li una visita si aneu per allà. Gemma, una abraçada des de 18kt!

How were your Easter Holidays? We had been in Cadaqués, enjoying tranquility and sea side. In this small village, of white houses, boats and beautiful beaches, we found Gemma Ridameya, a lovely jeweler which has her own workshop-store there. Since one year ago I own one of her pebble beach rings and I really love it! You can’t miss her new website and if you go to Cadaqués you must visit her. Gemma, hugs from 18kt!

L’AccentNou by Anastasia Egorova

L’Anastasia Egorova va nèixer a Rússia tot i que des de fa més de 5 anys que viu i treballa a Mallorca.  Tot i que la seva feina és en un hotel, dedica la resta de temps a crear aquestes precioses peces de ceràmica i pedres que ella mateixa recull de les platges de l’illa. No us perdeu la resta de les seves peces a la seva botiga on-line, els seu bloc i el seu Facebook.

Anastasia Egorova was born in Russia but since 5 years she’s living and working in Mallorca. Although she works in an hotel, she dedicates her time to create these lovely jewels with ceramics and stones she collects from the island beaches. Don’t miss the rest of her pieces at her online store, her blog and her Facebook.

“… I falled in love with this beautiful island, turquoise summers, spiece-smelling autumns, blooming almond winters, red soil, popular culture, catalan language, mediterranean food and smoky coffee in the morning,…”


Marianne Gassier from Bijou Contemporain is organizing an exhibition based on PEBBLE JEWELS !

DATES : from DECEMBER 1st to 12


Because ALL Collioure’s beaches, here, in the south-west of France, where Pyreneans “dive” into the Mediterranean sea, are ONLY with pebbles, and that the FIRST REACTION of TOURISTS (ALL TOURISTS !) is to throw pebbles in the sea !!!
SO, the Collioure’s jeweller, Vincent TORGUET had the idea to create a line of jewels with these Collioure’s pebbles …. And Marianne thought it would be fine that all jewellers bring their “pebble” to the “edifice” !!!!
The first reference … of course, is … the ROLLING STONES !! 🙂 Make all your pebbles ROLLING towards Collioure !

SO, EVERYBODY, make your stone ROLLING from your river, beach, countryside, city, to COLLIOURE ! all “stones” are welcomed !! :-))


RECEPTION DATES for JEWELS :  between NOV 25 to NOV 29

PLACE of EXHIBITION : CENTER of COLLIOURE, the old City Hall building.

THE ONES interested in this exhibition will email me at

List of participants:
Edit BELLOD (FR), Gilles JONEMANN (FR), Agathe SAINT-GIRONS (FR), Vincent TORGUET (Collioure, FR), Atelier-Galerie SYMBIOSE (Perpignan, FR), Federico VIANELLO (IT), Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT), Stefano PEDONESI (IT), Stefano PALESTINI (IT), Corrado de MEO (IT), Matteo BONAFEDE (IT), Paola BERNASCONI (CH), GLIX Atelier Milano (= Paulie Schwartz Monorchio), Heidemarie HERB (DE), Francesca GABRIELLI (IT), Christophe BURGER (FR), Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR), Diana TIPOIA (CH), Vladimir PADULLES (ES), Nuria TORRENTE (ES), I-Chun CHEN (Taiwan), Galatée PESTRE (FR), Isabelle di MARTINO (FR), Nadine ABDALLAH (Liban), Blandine LUCE (FR), Frédérique TRINCHESE (FR), Maria APOSTOLOU (GR), Jim COTTER (US), Joanna GOLLBERG (US), Kest Schwartzman (= ‘Vagabond Jewelry’)(USA), Thomasin DURGIN (US), Juan RIUSECH (ES), Pascale FREY (FR), Frida SJÖGREN (SE), Philip SAJET (NL), Beate KLOCKMANN (DE), Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR), Pierre BARIERAUD (FR), Jacomijn Van Der DONK (NL) , Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR), Christine RICHARD (FR), Maria MAMKAEVA (Russie), Yura BYLKOV (Russie), Marie-Josée MORATO (FR), Lolita TCHELKINA, Sibylle FLOURET (FR), Claire LAVENDHOMME (BE), Tiffany ROWE (UK/CH)

For more information you can visit her blog or her Facebook.

Thank you! ;-D

Lauren Wolf

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La Lauren va estudiar joieria a Mèxic encara que actualment viu i treballa a Brooklyn. Li agrada treballar amb formes orgàniques i barrejar les textures naturals amb el metall.

Lauren studied jewelry design in Mexico and currently works in Brooklyn. She likes to work with organic shapes and mix them with textures and metal.

Amy Roper Lyons

Aquesta artista no només fa joies sinó que treballa l’esmalt al foc d’una manera sublim!! No puc descriure amb paraules les seves peces, són increïbles!

“My work expresses my love for the infinite variety found in the natural world. One source of inspiration is my garden, both the plant forms and the creatures which inhabit it. I try to capture the graceful forms and rich colors which I observe there. Recently, I spent a year living by the sea in Ireland. Long walks on the beach, peering into tidal pools, sparked my current series of marine life.”