Anne Ten Donkelaar

L’Oriol em va passar fa unes dies l’enllaç d’aquesta artista holandesa i vaig quedar al·lucinada de la bellesa d’aquestes peces. Unes joies visuals amb papallones, libél·lules i altres insectes trobats. Preciós!

Oriol sent me the link of this Dutch artist and I was stunned with the beauty of these pieces. Visual jewels with butterflies, dragonflies and other insects she have found. Beautiful!

“A damaged butterfly, a broken twig, a bumblebee, some strangely grown weeds: I find all these unique discoveries in my path and then take them home to my studio. Here, I take my time to explore the objects and try to work out how I can show each one to it’s best advantage. My finds inspire me. While looking at them I can invent my own stories about their existence and their lives. By protecting these precious pieces under glass, I give the objects a second life and hope to inspire people to make up their own stories about them.”

Ruudt Peters

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Des dels anys 70, en Ruudt Peters, ha estat un pioner en la joieria conceptual. Des de llavors ha influit fortament en el desnvolupament de la joieria contemporània tant com a artista com a professor de dues les les universitats més pretigioses d’Europa. Té uns projectes increïbles!

Since 1970’s, Ruudt Peters had been a pioneering conceptual jewelry artist. He has exerted a strong influence on the development of contemporary jewelry as an artist and as a professor at two of the most prestigious universities in Europe. He has stunning projects!

Su Kroker

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Aquesta noia Holandesa fa unes joies amb ganxet i combinació de pedres molt originals! No us perdeu la seva web i la resta de les seves peces!!

This Nederlands girl makes crochet jewels and she originally combines them with stones. You can’t miss her website and the other works she have there!

Janine Berben


M’encanten les peces que fa aquesta noia d’Holanda, barreja el teixit amb el feltre tot jugant a construir formes que ens evoquen a la nostra infància. Preciós!!

“When I was a child, I used to drew characters along the side line of my writings, these “characters” whom I called Frml’s, stands for: fragment, remain, rest. They are a fragment of my childhood. By making them tangibly I can divide this feeling with others. Some of my Frml’s have the possibility to keep memories within them and to nourish. They can be a souvenir, a lock of hair, a letter etc. Because a potential user can put a piece of itself in the Frm’,l it will become more and more a fragment of their live.”

Per cert, aquest Nadal vaig participar al “Secret-Santa” (amic invisible) que organitzava la Emily Watson al seu grup del Flickr, i després d’enviar jo una de les meves joies vaig rebre una peça d’aquesta fantàstica artista. Passejo la seva agulla per tot arreu des de fa dues setmanes!!