Raili Keiv & Marta Boan “111.1.111”

16.06 inauguració 19:30h
Raili Keiv & Marta Boan “111.1.111”

Last spring our exhibition oOo.o.oOo took place in Hop gallery in Tallinn,
Estonia. Today we present the further development of that work in Siesta
gallery in Barcelona.

Our intrest is to test the fragility of the materials and search for the
more tense moment on the border between stability and fragmentation.

Our collaboration is characterized by keywords such as aesthetic and an
invitation to notice the small. An aim in itself is to preserve the
functional shape for ascetic and geometric accessories, objects and
porcelain dishes.



Lo Efímero y Lo Duradero

Us convidem el dijous 18 de novembre a les 7:30 de la tarda a la inauguració de l’exposició “Lo efímero y lo duradero” del grup “Joyas Sensacionales” coordinat per la Silvia Walz del Taller Perill a la Galeria Siesta de Barcelona. L’exposició serà oberta fins el dia 25 de novembre, no us la perdeu!

We invite you on Thursday November 18th at 19:30 to the exhibition opening of “Lo efímero y lo duradero” from the “Joyas Sensacionales” group coordinated by Silvia Walz from Taller Perill at Siesta Gallery at Barcelona. The exhibition will be open until November 25th, you can’t miss it!