MaaP Studio

M’encanten les flors de porcel·lana que fa aquesta noia, actualment viu i treballa a Londres, i a més te tenir web té una botiga on-line fantàstica! Un dia d’aquests em regalaré una de les seves joies!

I love the porcelain flowers she makes, now she lives and works at London, and also she has website and an amazing online store! One day I’m going to present myself with one of her jewels!

“I have started my artistic journey in Zakopane called “”magical place” which is surrounded by polish Tatra mountains. It could be compare with Paris Montparnass . The cafés and bars of Zakopane were a meeting place where artistic ideas were hatched and mulled over .There I have created my first designs which has been inspired by nature.”


Aquesta gent de Japó fan joies amb flors de veritat, els hi fan un tractament que tenen patentat, de manera que pots portar les flors naturals sense perill que s’espatllin ni que perdin la seva bellesa natural. Fa una setmana vaig tenir el plaer de veure les peces a la venta a La Basílica de Barcelona i al natural són encara més al·lucinants!! No em faria res tenir una d’aquestes joies a la meva col·lecció!! M’encanten!!

These Japan people make jewelry with real flowers, they treat them so you can wear these flowers without risk to be damaged or lose their natural beauty. A week ago I had the pleasure of seeing these pieces on sale at La Basilica from Barcelona and in natural the pieces are even more amazing! I would have one of these jewels in my collection! I Love them!!

Catherine Chandler

M’agraden les noves peces de la Catherine, inspirades en les flors i les plantes. Les podeu trobar a la venta a la seva botiga on-line.

I love these new creations from Catherine, inspired in flowers and plants. You can find them at her online store.

“I have been working on a new production line in the past couple months, and wanted to share with you a couple new pieces. These are fairly time consuming to make, at least to start. This new production line revolves around representations of endangered plant species. I am starting local and concentrating on endangered plants in the Northwestern U.S., and will eventually expand my coverage. It requires hours of research, sketching, refining, scanning images into the computer, more refining, resizing (I try to match the size of the actual plant), printing….etc. etc. etc.

With all that work, I am really excited about these first couple of pieces. So far, they are only earrings, but I fully intend to expand into necklaces as well, and perhaps bracelets if the design allows for it.”

Kathi Roussel

Ahir em va arribar directe de Buffalo aquest fantàstic penjoll fet per una bona amiga i una magnífica joiera, la Kathi Roussel. No puc descriure amb paraules com estic de contenta!!! És un regal de l’Oriol i el Xino, i m’encanta!!!

Yesterday arrived directly from Buffalo this gorgeous pendant made by a great friend and a wonderful jeweler, Kathi Roussel. I can describe with words how happy I feel!!! It’s a present from Oriol and Xino and I love it!!

Aquí unes quantes de les delicies que podreu trobar a la seva botiga on-line, unes joies fantàstiques, no trobeu?

Here some of treasures you can find at her online store, amazing jewels, you think so?

Wendy McAllister


“My jewelry refers to the botanical world with its riotous clash of cobalt, chartreuse, and magenta. I am drawn to the lush, psychotropic-like blossoms, evolved to entice insects into their elegant geometry ensuring mutual survival. All that sumptuous, unabashed beauty is purposeful, and it sweeps me away as a voyeur to the spectacle. The seductive, temporal nature of flowers with their quirky technicolor architecture clamors for my attention as an artist.”

Via Wearable Art Blog.