Andy Pop

M’agrada el que han fet aquests joiers polacs, joies amb els colors intercanviables. Una idea molt colorista i original! No us perdeu el video demostració!

I like this polish project, jewels with exchange colours. A lovely and colourful idea! Don’t miss the instruction video!

ANDY POP is created by Polish designers Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak. Silver, with it’s unique structure and features, is our major source of creative inspiration and explorations. Working with jewellery and discussing concepts, has led us to the idea of interactive jewellery, which everyone can form on it’s own, which central element, color, is exchangeable and correspond with our mood, whim and spontaneous desire of everyday change. While thinking about how to easily change a color of silver rings, we have discovered seemingly trivial combination, well known to everyone: plasticine, fluo tone, better then the one of our childhood, non-toxic, intensive and staining. We have joined it with silver. As a result we would like to present you our FLUO. collection, with exchangeble color, as a central element.”

Sari Liimatta

Increïbles les peces d’aquesta noia de Lappeenranta (Finlàndia), els seus animals modificats i plens de pedres i ornamentació són fantàstics!! M’ha agradat especialment el conillet!!

“To choose. Everything has it´s price, always. The most intensive heat burns.
Adapt yourself and survive. Life is a happy game with sad rules. Something very huge is composed of super small particles. To find the balance and the ways how it alters.
About the changes. I never know in the beginning how will the work look like in the end.

About the surprises. In order to assemble something new some things have to be put away, removed; things get lost, disappear or become forgotten. Only broken surface can let us see the hidden price. How far can you go within the boundaries of trust, how close can you let yourself get to someone or let someone get close to you. I just tell what happened to characters. I just try to describe. During some tiny tiny moments which proved to be meaningful afterwards.”

Via Paula Lindblom.