Follow your Heart by Chao & Eero Jewel

“In life, if you truly believe in something, you should work your hardest to make it happen. Follow your heart, and you will find the way.”

In celebration of the 6th anniversary of her brand, Chao & Eero Jewel (founded on Valentine’s Day, February 14 in 2005), they both created a Heart pendant based on her unique works. They are also having an event on facebook, for the first time. They will give one pendant to a lucky fan who attends this event. It ends at mid night on January 30th (Finnish time).

Lotte De Mey

La Lotte té uns quants nous dissenys de la seva col·lecció Floris a la seva botiga on-line, a més no us perdeu la seva primera col·lecció per home! Aviat estarà obert un concurs pels seus Facebook fans, on podreu guanyar un dels seus penjolls de flors de plata! Només heu d’entrar al seu Facebook, fer-vos fans de la seva pàgina i estar alerta!

Lotte has made several new designs for the Floris collection and you can find them at her online shop, you can’t miss her first men jewellery collection! Also, soon she will make a Christmas competition for her facebook fans, there you will be able to win one of her silver necklaces with a sweet, little flower pendant! So become a fan and keep your eyes on the fanpage!