Satomi Kawakita

La Satomi Kawakita és una joiera que viu i treballa a Nova York encara que va néixer al Japó. M’encanten els seus anells de diamants i la manera que té de muntar les pedres. No em faria pas res tenir uns quants anells seus per poder-los portar tots juntets en un dit!!

Satomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer but she was born and raised in Japan.  I love her diamond rings and the way she sets gemstones.  I would like to have some of her rings to wear them together in the same finger!!

Conroy & Wilcox

Conroy & Wilcox és una companyia de Nova York formada per Gillian Conroy i Danica Wilcox i especialitzada en alta joieria. M’encanten les montures que fan als diamants!

Conroy & Wilcox is an independently owned New York based company specializing in fine, heirloom-quality jewelry. It began as a creative collaboration between Gillian Conroy and Danica Wilcox and they make really nice diamond settings. I love them!

Via TeenAngster.

R¿NG by Sruli Recht

M’encanten els projectes d’aquest artista de Reykjavik, sobretot “R¿NG”, un anell amb els diamants intercanviables a través de rosques. Genial!

I love the projects from this Reykjavik artist, especially “R ¿NG”, a ring with interchangeable diamonds using threads. Great!

“My love it came, my love it went…
So I plied and so I played
with brevity and breadth, I gauged with breath
and depth
and mined and moulded, and with my arms I then held it.
Three stones.
A big black rock. An average to large white rock. And a smaller yellow
rock… The economy of desire was measurable but not immutable
And with all that was left, bent gold around each cleft,
was shaped band and claws from a propeller lent.
Till threaded and golden gleamed this ring thrice revolving.
[Threaded, that is, to keep her mindful of the stone and of me.]
boxed and placed and presented and requested…
So now, she chooses which stone to wear – one for work and one for stares.
One for evenings and one for mournings. One for what ever she cares.
And now I too play this game of choice… to add another to the compliment
of raw precious diamonds; rough to remind my nights beforeher, and rare
as the days now empty.
Or, to take one away.”

Via Law from LaBurritaVieja.

Annie Fensterstock

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Les joies d’aquesta artista de Nova York són una barreja de les tècniques modernes amb les antigues. Treballa l’or de 18 i 22kt juntament amb el platí, tot construint aquestes magnífiques filigranes. M’encanta!

This New York artist’s jewels are a mix of modern and ancient tecniques. She works with 18 and 22kt gold with platinum, making these wonderful jewellery. I love it!