The Upscale Hare

La Rachel fa unes joies boniques al seu taller de Brooklyn, m’encanta especialment l’anell dels diamants petits.

Rachel makes beautiful jewelry at her Brooklyn workshop, I specially love the diamond ring.

“I come to jewelry from the world of graphic design, which has taught me a love of bold shapes, stark lines, and delicate texture. I like my jewelry petite and feminine, but with a bit of an edge.”

Vintage & Antique

Avui us presento un petita selecció d’anells antics, sembla que la moda del “Vintage” ha arribat a les joies i hi ha moltes botigues on-line on podreu trobar peces fantàstiques. Tenir un anell amb unes marques, gravats o imaginar-te qui el va portar abans, ho trobo molt romàntic i màgic, no creieu?

Today I introduce you a small selection of antique rings, it seems that the “Vintage” fashion has come into jewellery and there are many online shops where you can find great pieces. Wear a ring with markings, engravings or imagine who was wearing it before you, it’s very romantic and magical, do you think so?

Erstwhile Jewelry Co.


Doyle & Doyle

The Antique Jewellery Company

Erie Basin

Jean Jean Vintage

A.Brandt + Son


Weston Fine Jewellery

Luxe Deluxe

Paris Hotel Boutique

Crafty Crow Vintage

The Rusty Chandelier

The Deeps

Erica Weiner

Kalmar Antiques