M’encanta! No tinc paraules! I love it! I haven’t words! We’re Daniel and Christina. We live in a little house here in London with two little dogs. We have day jobs. By night we make things. Mostly out of plastic. Daniel thinks that a Weaselfactory is a place where weasels are made. Christina thinks that […]

Kara / Daniel Jewellery

Darrere aquest nom hi ha els dissenyadors , que han trobat la manera de treballar junts i fer aquestes fantàstiques joies. No us perdeu la resta de les seves peces a la seva web i la seva botiga on-line.

Behind this name there are the designers Kara Aubin and Daniel Juzwiak, who have found the way to work together and make these wonderful jewels. Don’t miss the rest of their pieces on their website and their online store.