Regine Schwarzer

La Regine treballa les formes geomètriques inspirant-se en les pedres naturals i els seus cristalls. M’encanta la seva feina!

Regine works with geometric shapes inspired in natural gemstones and crystals. I love her jewels!

“Living in Australia has influenced my work profoundly through discovering my passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. For a number of years I myself have been collecting, processing and cutting the stones I use in my work inspired by their colours. The crystalline formations of minerals which grow in a variety of different systems stimulate me to construct both jewellery and objects that reference and utilize gems and minerals. My art practice is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals, rocks and metal. I use and interpret this material in various ways: its actual form, cut, uncut and as interpretations of the crystalline structure.”

Barbara C. Pellegrino

Segueixo la feina d’aquesta noia fa temps per Instagram i Etsy, i cada vegada m’agrada més la barreja que fa de cristalls en brut amb peces metàl.liques. No us perdeu la resta de les seves peces, són molt xules! Since time ago I follow the works of this girl through Instagram and Etsy, and I […]

Andy Lifschutz

Ahir vaig descobrir les peces d’aquest joier americà, i em va agradar molt la manera que treballa amb les pedres en brut i els cristalls naturals. Molt interessant!

Yesterday I discovered the pieces of this american jeweler, and I love the way he works with raw gemstones and natural crystals. Really interesting!

Pamela Love

Vaig descobrir la feina d’aquesta artista de Nova York just fa unes dies i trobo que té unes peces impressionants!! De formes molt suggerents i amb algun toc ètnic, les seves joies tenen una força i caràcter únics. M’encanta!

I discovered the work of this New York based artist just a few days ago and I found her pieces amazing!! Her pieces are very suggestive and with a touch of ethnicity that give them force and a very unique character. Love it!


Concrete Polish by Angela Monaco

M’encanten les joies que fa aquesta joiera de Philadelphia, inspirades en la naturalesa i en les formes de cristal·lització dels minerals aconsegueix crear peces úniques. No us perdeu la resta de les seves col·leccions a la seva web i a la seva botiga on-line.

I love jewellery that makes this Philadelphia jeweler, inspired by nature and crystallization shapes of minerals she’s able to create unique pieces. Don’t miss her entire collections on her website and her online store.

Central Saint Martins 2011 & Swarovski

Vicky, one of the representative from Swarovski HQ in London, send me this amazing project collaborating with jewellery design students of Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London.

For the ninth consecutive year Central Saint Martins’ first year BA (Honours) Jewellery Design students have been asked to design jewellery with set stones for the fashion/fine jewellery market with a focus on the innovative inclusion of Swarovski Elements. Judging took place on the 24th March at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge, London.

Students were divided into three groups earlier this year with each group being assigned one of Swarovski Elements’ Autumn / Winter ‘11/’12 trends. The chosen trends were Romantic (Countryside/Kingfisher), Harmony (Winter Landscape/Snow Rabbit) and Glamour (City/Horse).

Judges Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of International Communications and Creative Director at Swarovski, and Tomasz Donocik, a Swarovski Runway Rocks designer and Central Saint Martins Alumni, reviewed each finished jewellery piece. Prizes were awarded for innovation, best interpretation of theme and best use of crystal.

‘Swarovski is delighted to continue this nine year collaboration with Central Saint Martins. We are always excited to see how, through their unique vision, each young designer demonstrates the creative possibility of crystal in jewellery design.’ – Nadja Swarovski.

Giles Last, Head of Jewellery at Central Saint Martins said, ‘The Swarovski sponsorship is a terrific opportunity for our students to explore and experiment with a wide range of Swarovski products, as well as meeting a variety of influential people from the jewellery industry.‘

The winners are as follows:

Overall winner: Sarah Narici

Overall runner up: Maprang Vajrodaya

Best use of crystal: Beatrice Bongiasca

The shortlist entries are currently displayed live on our website:

Paula Mendoza

La Paula ha creat aquesta col·lecció “Cave of Wonders” inspirada en les pedres que es poden trobar en una cova de Halong Bay, Vietnam. Pedres en brut, de formes cristal·litzades i muntades amb un gran treball dels metalls. M’encanta!!

Paula has created  “Cave of Wonders” collection inspired by gemstones that can be found in a cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Rough stones, crystallized shapes and setted using a beautiful metalworking. Love it!

“This is Cave of Wonders: aged metals, melted and calcified by time, giving birth to precious and semiprecious stones fused with the metal as if each were part of the other, a conglomerate formed from immense creative forces.”