Salon: Inventive Art-Jewelry Exhibit in an Inventible Space

Inventive Art-Jewelry Exhibit in an Inventible Space

Please join us at Metropolitan Green for the opening reception of:
“Salon: Inventive Art-Jewelry Exhibit in an Inventible Space”
October 1st, from 7pm until 10pm.

439 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

“Salon” showcases the art-jewelry of seven artists in an inventible, temporary gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The group exhibition curated by Brooklyn based art-jeweler, Mia Hebib, is held at Metropolitan Green, a LEED certified building with a unique space dubbed an “inventable space.”

Ms. Hebib has selected this group of mostly Brooklyn based jewelry artists in order to introduce a bigger audience to the world of studio art-jewelry, to connect artists, foster new relationships, and encourage creative collaborations within the art community.

Lacking a formal environment to showcase exquisite, progressive and hand crafted jewelry, the curator, Ms. Hebib transformed a raw space into a temporary gallery. “Salon” connects the art and fashion components of art-jewelry in an intimate and unique setting. Many designers and artists create “pop-ups” in response to the unstable economic landscape. Ms. Hebib notes, “In times like this people’s creativity, confidence and inventiveness will push the boundaries and open up new channels for the art world to progress. This small ‘Salon’ is the first step for a very active and prolific art-jewelry scene and we hope is just the beginning.”

In addition to showcasing a select grouping of art-jewelry, Ms. Hebib has commissioned each of the participating artists to create a finished segment that will be combined with the others into one collective necklace. This “Exquisite Corpse Necklace” takes its cues from the surrealist drawing exercise in which many artists contribute individual parts to create an exciting, unpredictable artwork. “This is mostly known as a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled,” Ms. Hebib explains. “In this format each artist will contribute a segment into a necklace thus symbolically connecting all of the artists.”

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I’m Back!!

Hi everybody!!

I’m back from my holidays!! I have been in New York some weeks, I have spend a lovely time there because it’s amazing city with friendly people, gorgeous shops and buildings like the ones you see in films. In a few days I’m going to post some of my new jewellery discoveries from New York. To start, here you have some photos of the travel.

Lauren Wolf

Imagen 4Imagen 2Imagen 5Imagen 3

La Lauren va estudiar joieria a Mèxic encara que actualment viu i treballa a Brooklyn. Li agrada treballar amb formes orgàniques i barrejar les textures naturals amb el metall.

Lauren studied jewelry design in Mexico and currently works in Brooklyn. She likes to work with organic shapes and mix them with textures and metal.

Rebecka Fröberg


La Rebecka és nascuda a Suècia i les seves joies estan inspirades en les tradicions del seu país, encara que actualment viu i treballa a Brooklyn. La naturalesa i les històries de fades són la seva font d’inspiració i és que només ens cal mirar amb quina delicadesa transforma el metall en aquestes fantàstiques joies.

Nina Dinoff


La Nina va començar la seva carrera com a dissenyadora gràfica però de seguida es va adonar que li agradava construir peces i fer joies. Dins de les formes simples i minimalistes fa unes joies molt personals. A mi personalment m’encanten!! A més de la seva web també podeu trobar la seva feina a la venta a Etsy.