RedSofa by Joanna Szkiela






“Although a city girl, I am incessantly drawn to nature, both mother and human. This duality is a constant source of inspiration as I attempt to find a balance between the raw, organic and the synthetic, man made. A self-trained jeweler, I love to combine the precious with the mundane, and to create unusual associations between forms. The resulting exploration process is endless and yet deeply satisfying. Each collection piece has a story behind it, just as each custom piece has your story behind it.”

Unes peces brutals, no us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

An amazing jewels, don’t miss her online store!

Annealed Heart by Amanda Ace

M’agrada la combinació de formes organiques i geomètriques que fa aquesta joiera americana. Sobretot com treballa amb pedres, plumes i textures variades. I love the combination this american jeweler makes with organic and some geometric shapes. Also I like the way she mix genstones with feathers and different textures.

Three Little Birds






He descobert recentment aquesta noia de California que fa corones amb flors i branques seques naturals, i m’ha semblat ideal per celebrar que la primavera és aquí! Preciós!

I recently discovered this girl from California who makes crowns with natural and dried flowers, and I think it’s perfect to celebrate that finally spring is here! Beautiful!