“To state things simply; I’m a designer, maker, collector and wearer. I am a contemporary jeweller who designs and makes my own pieces; seeing infinite potential in the design and creation of wearable art; viewing the world as a never-ending source of inspiration. When not creating jewellery I have been known to dabble in painting, drawing and photography.

I’m a home-body who loves to travel the world. I hate the monsters under my bed but find comfort in the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. I dream of one day owning a large, beautifully pimped out studio with a token pygmy goat.”

No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!
Don’t miss her online store!

Rosella Resin

La Jessica i la Gwynne són dues germanes de Melbourne que fan joies amb resina ecològica. Creen anells i braçalets barrejant la resina amb pigments i elements naturals com fulles o llavors, el resultat és preciós! Jessica and Gwynne are two sisters from Melbourne that make jewels with eco Resin. They create rings and bangles […]

I Love Bracelets

Tal com ens deia fa uns dies la nostra amiga Deb de Dumbo (que, per cert, són uns del nostres esponsors) “Ir cargada de pulseras mola“, i la veritat és que ultimament com més en portis més “guai” és, o sigui que aquí teniu una nova llista d’alguns dels meus bracelets preferits. ;-D

A few days ago our friend Deb from Dumbo (who also is one of our sponsors) “Ir cargada de pulseras mola“, and the truth is that how cool you’re is proportional of how many bracelets you’re wearing,  so here’s a new list of some of my favorite bracelets. ;-D


Son of a Sailor

Kelly Baldwin


Maria Goti

Blood Milk

Under a New Light

Nuria Aventin

Rachel Pfeffer Designs


Jimena Bolaños

Our Family Jewels


Carrie Bilbo


Danielle Miller

CADI Jewelry

Oh Just Jess!

Winnie Chai

Verena Schreppel

Blind Spot Jewellery

Michelle Chang


Nadine Essra

Favor Jewelry

Christine Fail

Avui he descobert les joies d’aquesta artista de Austin (Texas) que a més de tenir una botiga a Etsy de les seves joies, la podreu seguir al Facebook, al seu bloc i veure una bona sel·lecció d’artistes al seu espai on-line Schatzelein.

Today I discovered the jewels of this artist from Austin (Texas). She has her jewels at Etsy online store, but you can follow her on Facebook, blog and also visit her online site with other pieces of art called Schatzelein.