Vintage & Antique

Avui us presento un petita selecció d’anells antics, sembla que la moda del “Vintage” ha arribat a les joies i hi ha moltes botigues on-line on podreu trobar peces fantàstiques. Tenir un anell amb unes marques, gravats o imaginar-te qui el va portar abans, ho trobo molt romàntic i màgic, no creieu?

Today I introduce you a small selection of antique rings, it seems that the “Vintage” fashion has come into jewellery and there are many online shops where you can find great pieces. Wear a ring with markings, engravings or imagine who was wearing it before you, it’s very romantic and magical, do you think so?

Erstwhile Jewelry Co.


Doyle & Doyle

The Antique Jewellery Company

Erie Basin

Jean Jean Vintage

A.Brandt + Son


Weston Fine Jewellery

Luxe Deluxe

Paris Hotel Boutique

Crafty Crow Vintage

The Rusty Chandelier

The Deeps

Erica Weiner

Kalmar Antiques

Erstwhile Jewelry Co.

Aquesta gent de Nova York estan especialitzats en joies antigues, de les èpoques Victoriana, Eduardiana, Art Nouveau, Egípcia i Art Decó. Realment trobo les joies increïbles i no em faria pas res portar un d’aquests anells de compromís, són com de princesa de conte de fades. Genial!

This people from New York are specialized in antique and vintage jewellery, from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Egyptian Revival, Art Deco era jewelry. I really find amazing their jewels and I wish I could wear one of these amazing diamong rings in one of my fingers, they’re like a fair tale princess rings. Gorgeous!