The Rogue And The Wolf

Darrere aquestes col·leccions de joies fetes amb 3D hi ha els dissenyadors Eloise H.R. i Michael W. Les seves joies tenen una càrrega molt personal i moderna, i personalment m’encanta tota la col·lecció d’anells que tenen. No us perdeu la seva botiga on-line!

Behind these 3D jewelry collections are the designers Eloise H.R. and Michael W. Their jewelry is really inspirating and modern, and I really felt in love with their amazing ring collection. Don’t miss their online store!

Lindsey Mann

Lindsey Mann és un joiera de Winchester (UK) coneguda per ser una pionera en l’ús de la impressió per sublimació en el món de la joieria. Li encanta treballar amb colors, patrons i dissenyant utilitzant materials de tot tipus. Seria genial tenir una peça de la Lindsey, potser hauré de parlar amb l’Oriol sobre el meu pròxim regal de nadal! 😉

Lindsey Mann is a jeweler from Winchester (UK) known as a pioneer for using sublimation printing in jewelry. She loves the colors, patterns and designing pieces using both precious and non-precious materials. It would be nice to have one of Lindsey’s piece, maybe I should talk to Oriol for my next Christmas present! 😉

Angie Boothroyd

Ja fa uns anys que vaig publicar les peces d’aquesta joiera al bloc, però aprofito que vaig poder-la saludar a Inhorgenta per tornar-la a publicar. Les seves peces són simples, contruccions de fulles de plata i or amb algunes pedres. La trobareu també al Twitter i el Facebook. M’encanta!

A few years ago I posted about this jeweler, but I meet her at Inhorgenta and I thought I will be nice to talk another time about her works. Her pieces ar simple, she builts jewels using small metal leaves and some gemstones. You can find her also at Twitter and Facebook. I love it!

Pas de deux

Lin Cheung & Laura Potter
museumaker 2010

Jewellers Lin Cheung & Laura Potter have been working on a collaborative commission: Pas de deux.

The project is part of museumaker, a national partnership between makers, museums and visitors involving 16 museums across the country. Work in progress for their project at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) will go on show next week. The overall project will finish in March 2011 with a main show at mima, plus installations at two other local museums.

They are making pieces for two local residents, based on a series of interviews and object-centred discussions. These pieces will be made twice, with one being given to the commissioner and one going to the jewellery collection at mima. Take a look at the commission process so far by visiting;


Kate Bajic

Kate takes her inspiration from gardens, landscapes and woodland, photographing and collecting found objects whenever possible to assist development of her ideas. Elements of plant life, mosses, fungi and cell structures have all been used to explore themes of repetition, movement and layering.”

Georgia Wiseman

Georgia Wiseman és una joiera de Glasgow que treballa amb formes geomètriques d’una manera molt especial. M’han agradat les superfícies que construeix amb anelles i com les combina amb pedres. Bona feina!

Georgia Wiseman is a jewellery designer from Glasgow who works with geometric shapes in a very special way. I like the surfaces she builds with rings and how she combines them with stones. Good job!