Work in Progress…

Feia temps que tenia pedres reservades per muntar i després de treballar amb ceres uns dies aquest n’és el resultat! No us perdeu la resta de peces que tinc llestes per fondre a plata, quina us agrada més? Jo em quedo amb la calavera gegant!! ;-D

Since some time ago I had some stones reserved to be setted and after working on wax some days here is the result! Don’t miss the rest of pieces that are ready to be casted into silver, which one is your favorite? Mine is the big black Skull!! ;-D

Luisa Bruni

Vaig descobrir les peces d’aquesta dissenyadora de Roma a Inhorgenta i em va agradar especialment la seva col·lecció d’anells, sobretot els que sembla que tinguin aigua a dins. Preciós!

I discovered the pieces of this Rome designer at Inhorgenta and I like her ring collection, specially the ones that seems have water inside. Beautiful!

”Con ispirazione tratta dal mondo della fotografia l’anello Plink coglie l’attimo, fermando l’acqua nel momento in cui, colpita da una goccia, la superficie zampilla”


Satomi Kawakita

La Satomi Kawakita és una joiera que viu i treballa a Nova York encara que va néixer al Japó. M’encanten els seus anells de diamants i la manera que té de muntar les pedres. No em faria pas res tenir uns quants anells seus per poder-los portar tots juntets en un dit!!

Satomi Kawakita is a New York City-based jewelry designer but she was born and raised in Japan.  I love her diamond rings and the way she sets gemstones.  I would like to have some of her rings to wear them together in the same finger!!

R¿NG by Sruli Recht

M’encanten els projectes d’aquest artista de Reykjavik, sobretot “R¿NG”, un anell amb els diamants intercanviables a través de rosques. Genial!

I love the projects from this Reykjavik artist, especially “R ¿NG”, a ring with interchangeable diamonds using threads. Great!

“My love it came, my love it went…
So I plied and so I played
with brevity and breadth, I gauged with breath
and depth
and mined and moulded, and with my arms I then held it.
Three stones.
A big black rock. An average to large white rock. And a smaller yellow
rock… The economy of desire was measurable but not immutable
And with all that was left, bent gold around each cleft,
was shaped band and claws from a propeller lent.
Till threaded and golden gleamed this ring thrice revolving.
[Threaded, that is, to keep her mindful of the stone and of me.]
boxed and placed and presented and requested…
So now, she chooses which stone to wear – one for work and one for stares.
One for evenings and one for mournings. One for what ever she cares.
And now I too play this game of choice… to add another to the compliment
of raw precious diamonds; rough to remind my nights beforeher, and rare
as the days now empty.
Or, to take one away.”

Via Law from LaBurritaVieja.

Ring a Day



Catherine Chandler

Nina Dinoff


Emily Watson

La Nina Dinoff ens explica que ha creat un projecte “Ring a Day” en  qual un grup de joiers de tot el món es proposen fer i publicar a l‘espai flickr del grup un anell per dia. M’encanta la idea i des de 18kt els hi volem donar tot el nostre suport! Fantàstic!

Nina Dinoff tell us that she started a challenge called “Ring a Day” with a bunch of other metal artists and others to do a ring a day for the entire year of 2010. They’re published at the flickr group every day. I love the project and from 18Kt we want to give them our full support! Amazing!