Regine Schwarzer

La Regine treballa les formes geomètriques inspirant-se en les pedres naturals i els seus cristalls. M’encanta la seva feina!

Regine works with geometric shapes inspired in natural gemstones and crystals. I love her jewels!

“Living in Australia has influenced my work profoundly through discovering my passion for rocks and minerals which occur in abundance here. For a number of years I myself have been collecting, processing and cutting the stones I use in my work inspired by their colours. The crystalline formations of minerals which grow in a variety of different systems stimulate me to construct both jewellery and objects that reference and utilize gems and minerals. My art practice is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals, rocks and metal. I use and interpret this material in various ways: its actual form, cut, uncut and as interpretations of the crystalline structure.”

MSO Joies at Aachen

Estic super contenta perquè aquestes peces meves de les col·leccions Atón, Nut i Geb se’n van cap Alemanya, més concretament a una joieria d’Aachen, una ciutat emmurallada on va ser coronat Carlemany. A veure si l’any que vé puc anar-hi, que ja tinc ganes de veure la joieria i la ciutat amb els meus propis ulls!

I’m very happy because this pieces from my collections Aton, Nut and Geb are going to Germany, more particularly to a Jewellery Shop at Aachen, a walled city where Charlemagne was crowned. Let’s see if next year I can go there, I want to see the jewellery store and the city with my own eyes!

Annette Ehinger

He descobert recentment la magnífica feina de l’Annette Ehinger. Aquesta artista alemanya crea uns dissenys molt delicats utilitzant pedres de colors tallades per ella mateixa, aprofitant les formes naturals de la peça en brut, i jugant amb les seves inclusions i les variacions de color. Cada peça és única i feta a mà. Ha estat un descobriment fantàstic, m’encanta la seva feina!

I’ve recently discovered the gorgeous work from Annette Ehinger. That german artist creates delicate and delicious designs with colored stones that she cuts, playing with the natural shapes of the stones and also with the inclusions and color variations. All the pieces are handmade and unique. It was a nice discover, love all her works!

Lehmann & Schmedding

Darrere aquesta empresa hi ha l’Andreas Lehmann i la Claudia Schmedding, dos dissenyadors industrials de Düsseldorf que a més de treballar fent mobles, llums i objectes decoratius també fan joies. M’agraden les línies geomètriques de les seves peces.

Behind this company name are Andreas Lehmann and Claudia Schmedding, two industrial designers from Düsseldorf that make furniture, lamps and decorative items and jewelley too. I like the geometric lines of their pieces.