JOYA 2012 – Galeries & Escoles

A més de tots els participants van exposar a Joya 2012 galeries i escoles internacionals, on també vam poder veure projectes i peces molt interessants. Aquí en teniu una selecció!

Moreover, at Joya 2012 we could see international galleries and schools, where we will enjoy nice projects and really interesting pieces. Here is a small selection.

La Basilica Galeria



China Academy of Arts

Saint Lucas

Arsenal – Alba Segués

Escola d’Art i Disseny de Tarragona – Imma Batalla

Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València – Azahara Santoro

Escola d’Art del Treball – Júlia Castro

Escola Llotja – Isabel Aurea

Escola Massana – Laura Gualda

JOYA 2011 – Galeries / Galleries

Ja tenim aquí de nou JOYA 2011, un espai de Joieria Contemporània on no hi podien faltar les Galeries i tots els artistes que elles representen. Aquí en teniu una mostra.
JOYA 2011 is back, a Contemporary Jewellery space where are also some Galleries and all the artists they represent. Here is a sample.

La Basílica Galeria
Sant Sever n.7 (Barcelona)

Riera de Sant Miquel 65 (Barcelona)


1×1 Collective

Anselm Clavé n.9 (Sant Cugat del Vallès)


Kevin Coates

No coneixia la feina d’aquest joier anglès i no puc descriure-la amb paraules, per tant us deixo les seves pròpies:
“I approach all my output with what I see as the spirit of the jewel, whether it is to be worn, to be held and used, or placed on a table. It is the mental approach of the Goldsmith, one catholic in technique, and omnivorous of material. The opportunity and ability to work through the deep treasury of precious gems, minerals, and metals is an enormous privilege, and, at times, a true confrontation with ‘prima materia’ – with the very elements of Creation. This extensive ‘palette of absolutes’ is something to which I am constantly drawn, to express the ideas that continue to haunt the different stratas of my mind: a search for the music within the silence, the movement within the stillness, and the eternal moment within the relentless dynamic of time. It is always a pursuit of the metaphor which will first ‘connect’, then enshrine, the meaning to provoke that essential journey of response in others – and like that of the alchemist, it is a quest for the transcendental, one where the Stone’s achievement lies in the ensoulment of the object itself.”

Via Roux-Bijoux.