Bite Me – La Basilica Galeria







Pels que el passat 9 de gener us vareu perdre la inauguració de la nova exposició de “La Basilica Galeria – Temporary Exhibitions”, encara teniu temps fins el 4 de Febrer per veure les cuques i bitxos del dissenyador polac Bartosz Maria Chmielewski. No us ho perdeu!

To the ones that last January 9th missed the opening of the new exhibition at “La Basilica Galeria – Temporary Exhibitions”, you still have time until February 4th to see the cockroaches and scarabs of the polish artist Bartosz Maria Chmielewski. Don’t miss it!

Anna Lawska

M’agraden les joies de l’Anna, de formes simples i geomètriques, però molt carregades de personalitat. No us perdeu la resta de peces! I love the jewels from Anna, with simple and geometric shapes but full of her personality. Don’t miss the rest of her collection!

Projekt Mosko

M’agraden les joies d’aquesta gent de Polònia, joies de formes geomètriques on l’acer crea estructures molt suggerents. No us perdeu la resta de peces! I like the jewels of this Poland people, jewels with geometric forms where the steel wire creates sugestive structures. Don’t miss the rest of their pieces!

Amberif Design Award 2012

We are honoured to announce the 16th International Contest for the Design of an Artistic Jewellery with Amber



The goal of this contest is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression. The aim of the competition is the design of an original piece of artistic jewellery or applied art with amber, inspired by the topic of the contest. The competitors are allowed to use all other materials provided that amber plays the essential role.

The competition is open to all designers, artists, creators and craftspeople, designer and manufacturing teams are allowed, presentations shall be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm chart (2-D) with the design produced in any graphic technique or a photograph of a ready prototype or model are accepted.

Prizes to be awarded:

–  The Mayor of the City of Gda?sk Prize: PLN 10,000 exchange rate approx. 4.4  PLN / 1EUR

–  The Amber Prize of the International Amber Association : 2 kg of amber

–  The Silver Prize: 1 kg of silver

Exhibition of the winning designs and other entries qualified by the Jury will be during AMBERIF 2012, the 19th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones between 21 and  23 March 2012 in Gda?sk, Poland.

Deadline for entries expires on the 10 February 201.

Contact us please for entry forms and any further details.

Competition Office – ,

tel.: + 48 58 55 49 134, fax: + 48 58 5549 207

S?awomir Fija?kowski – Curator of the Competition,

Andy Pop

M’agrada el que han fet aquests joiers polacs, joies amb els colors intercanviables. Una idea molt colorista i original! No us perdeu el video demostració!

I like this polish project, jewels with exchange colours. A lovely and colourful idea! Don’t miss the instruction video!

ANDY POP is created by Polish designers Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Wozniak. Silver, with it’s unique structure and features, is our major source of creative inspiration and explorations. Working with jewellery and discussing concepts, has led us to the idea of interactive jewellery, which everyone can form on it’s own, which central element, color, is exchangeable and correspond with our mood, whim and spontaneous desire of everyday change. While thinking about how to easily change a color of silver rings, we have discovered seemingly trivial combination, well known to everyone: plasticine, fluo tone, better then the one of our childhood, non-toxic, intensive and staining. We have joined it with silver. As a result we would like to present you our FLUO. collection, with exchangeble color, as a central element.”

Sylwia Calus Design

M’encanten les peces de resina d’aquesta artista polonesa. Depenent de les col·leccions utilitza divereses fotos per crear peces úniques o directament fulles i flors naturals. Genial!

I love the resin pieces of this polish artist. She uses photos of diferent things depending on the collection and she also uses natural leaves or flowers inside the resin. Amazing!

Jakub Żeligowski

Fa unes setmanes va estar a Barcelona la Dominika del bloc Panie Przodem, amb ella vaig tenir el plaer de conèixer en Jakub, un joier fantàstic i amb unes peces molt coloristes i originals. No us perdeu la resta de les seves joies, a mi m’encanten!!

A few weeks ago, Dominika from Panie Przodem Blog was at Barcelona and I have the peasure of meeting she and his friend Jakub, an amazing polish jeweler. He makes very colorful and original pieces. Don’t miss the rest of his jewellery, I love it!!