Incipit by Nelly Van Oost

La Nelly ens informa que presenta el seu nou projecte “Incipit” a la Fira COLLECT a la Galeria Saatchi de Londres del 9 al 12 de Maig. No us ho perdeu! Nelly inform us that she presents her new project “Incipit” at the international fair COLLECT in the Saatchi Gallery of London from 9 till […]

We Are Arrow

We Are Arrow és una col·lecció de joieria dissenyada per Tatiana Andrea. Cada una de les seves peces està feta a mà al seu estudi de Londres, treballa amb plata i bronze amb pedres naturals. Molt bonic!

WeAreArrow is a collection of jewelry designed and handmade by Tatiana Andrea. Each piece is handmade in her studio located in London, she works with silver and bronze combined with natural and rough gemstones. Really beautiful!

Jasmin Blanc






L’Erika viu i treballa a Londres, tot i que és de Transilvània. Va aprendre l’ofici de ceramista del seu pare i actualment es dedica a fer aquestes boniques joies amb ceràmica.

Erika lives and works at London, but she raised in Transylvania. She have been inspired from her father, who is a professional ceramist, and she makes this amazing jewelry pieces.

The Great Frog

The Great Frog és una botiga de joieria que va obrir les seves portes el 1972 a Londres, destinada a fer joies per cantants de rock, artistes i tothom qui pogués apreciar les seves peces amb calaveres i d’un estil roquer. Actualment també tenen botigues a Nova York i Los Angeles, tot i que el taller continua sent a Londres (Soho), i fan joies per llegendes del rock com Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slash o Aerosmith. Ah, i segurament també podreu trobar en Johnny Depp o la Kate Moss amb algunes de les seves peces! M’encanta!

The Great Frog is a jewellery shop that opened its doors on 1972 in London, destined to make jewellery for rockers, artists and everyone who can wear skulls and its rocker style. Nowadays has also expanded to include stores in New York and Los Angeles, though all pieces continue to be handcrafted in London (Soho). Throughout the decade, The Great Frog has designed bespoke pieces for many international names from the fashion and music industries, including rock legends Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slash and Aerosmith. Other wearers of the brand, and therefore a part of its heritage, include Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Oasis. I love it!!



M’encanta! No tinc paraules! I love it! I haven’t words! We’re Daniel and Christina. We live in a little house here in London with two little dogs. We have day jobs. By night we make things. Mostly out of plastic. Daniel thinks that a Weaselfactory is a place where weasels are made. Christina thinks that […]

Ros Millar

La Ros Millar és una joiera Londinenca que treballa amb formes molt orgàniques, sobretot m’ha agradat la seva col·lecció “Black & Rose”.

Ros Millar is a London Based Jewellery Designer. She makes organically inspired, gold and silver cuttlebone cast jewellery and I really enjoyed her collection “Black & Rose”.